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Re: social service and SrIvaishNavam

From: sreedhar shivkumar (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 20:34:42 PDT

Sri Ramanujaya namah:
Sri Nigamahantha Desikaya namah:
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha pramatmane  parabrahmane namah:

My Respectfull Obeisences to all tthe bhagavatha's

Service to mankind, is , has and always being followed
by the sri vaishnava community,but only the identity
is not being revealed.

Sri Vaishnavas service the mankind and do not exhibit
their doings 

The first and foremost that comes in terms of service
to mankind is thru satisfying one's hunger and it is
very prevelant that various sri vaishnava communities
get along in doing the nitya annadhana scheme.
they also assist in educating the public masses by
running various schools and colleges

Regarding the question 
Is there
> anything in the pancha samskaram that talks about
> how we should "behave" and "act" in a dharmic
> fashion? 

yes.. a person having undergone samashrayanam has to
certainly abide by the rulesof the veda's
and the veda's very clearly state how we have to
behave with other persons.

The qualities of a brahmana are very well defined,it
is defined that a person being brahmana, should
restrain himself from anger, jealousy, selfishness,
egosity, and should be humble, pleasing and should
lead a simple life.

if these are followed in strict adherence , then there
would be no humililation or improper behaviour.

this certainly means that a person who behaves
improperly  , although undergone the process of
samashrayanam , is incomplete and lacks the guna's to
be called as a true Sri vaishnava.

and as everyone knows , none other the lord Sri
Narayana is perfect, so let us not blame whether a
person is behaving properly or not, but pray the lord
to give us the right attitude and the knowledge to
seek his holy feet.


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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