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Dr. NS Anantha Rangachar's lecture: Sunday 15th, morning 7AM pacific time (NOTE TIME CORRECTION)

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 11:09:09 PDT

Asmad Gurubhyo Namah; Asmad Parama Gurubhyo namah: Asmad Sarva Gurubhyo

Dear Members ( please note TIME CORRECTION)

Sri Vaishnava Seva Samithi (SVSS) is delighted to announce the
next tele-upanyasam of :

 Dr. Anantha Rangachar’s Lecture : subject Isavasyopanisad – comparitive
commentaries from Sri Sankaracharya, Sri Ramanujacharya and Sri

The various aspects of Vidya, Avidya etc will be covered in this lecture.

Date: Sunday, July 15th , 2001
Time: Morning 7AM PDT ( 10AM eastern)  Duration: 1 hour 10 mnts + 40 mnts QA
Language: English
Suggested Donation : 8$


PayPal is a unique e-commerce provider
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Sri Vaishnava Seva Samithi (SVSS), a
tax-exempt charity under U.S. tax laws,
has a bank account registered with PayPal
under the following destination address -


1.  Go to the URL:

2.  REGISTER as a paypal user by clicking
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3.  For registration, PayPal will ask you to
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4.  Rest assured that ALL your registration
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8.   Enter the donation amount (such as $ 8,
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9.   Click on SEND at the bottom of the form,
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10.  PREVIEW your selections and click on
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Thank you!!  If any questions please call
Krishna Kalale . at 858-672-8569 or send a
message to email: <>

checks payable to SMSA Inc. can be mailed to : Nagu Satyan , 7821 west alder
drive Littleton, co 80128

In the spirit of service,
For SVSS - Krishna Kalale

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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