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sri rama sthuthi- post 5

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 02:49:54 PDT

Dear Sri Vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

We enjoyed Raama ennum moola manthirap perumai or prabhaavam [fame and
vastness] in posts 1 to 4. This naamam was "vaaliyin kaNgaLil theriyak
kaNdadhu" as described by kamban and we saw whether kamban has deviated
maharshi vaalmeeki or just followed. Now we possess that raama naama wealth
with us. On that naamam, let us do dhyaanam. Then start enjoying the verse
of kamban.

Evukoor vaaLiyaal yeithu naai  adiyanEn
Aavi pOm vElai vaai aRivu thanthu aruLinaai
Moovar nee mudhalvan nee muRRum nee maRRum nee
Paavam nee dharumam nee pagaiyum nee uRavum nee.

Meaning for certain words:
Evudhal - seluththudhal- to shoot - today's rocket in tamil is called
EvukaNai because it is being shot in the space.
VaaLi- ambu- arrow
VElai- samayam, nEram, kariyam, kadal - time, work, sea or ocean

Meaning: vaali says "Oh Lord raama, like a dog I am of poor birth. A human
being kills a dog with ease. Like that you also shot me down with your
arrow. But you also graced with wisdom at the dying moment. By that wisdom I
realise you are 
*	The thri moorthy
*	The first among the three moorthies
*	Everything in totality
*	Any thing in isolation
*	Sin
*	Dharmam
*	Enmity
*	Relation
Nothing is there in this world except and beyond you. ( in the subsequent
verse vaali says even your shot with arrow is the dharmam for me)

1.	Please see the time and place, the Lord selects to give the real and
true wisdom. 
*	For viraadhan just before he being killed [so that we had a nice
series of sthOthram by viraadhan as given out by kamban].
*	For vali shot by Lord's arrow, and about to die.
*	For vibheeshaNan when he sacrificed his kin and left all his wealth
etc in lanka and came begging for asylum 
*	For Arjuna in the midst of battlefield. 
A crisis is created on the devotee, so that full realisation comes that
except the lord there is no other savior. Then lord's grace is simply poured
like rain.
2.	Even a severe punishment like being shot by Lord's arrow is a
blessing. That blesses the hit person, to receive his grace (aruL). Result -
the bhaktha becomes a devotee and sings the glory of Lord. Result - for less
blessed ones, like us, there is a sthOthram to sing his glory.

3.	See the verse. All opposites are listed and said you are that. Sin
-dharmam, enmity- relationship. This highlights the opposites are his own
creations, the maaya and only real is HIM and HIM alone.

4. Just enjoy the simple tamil in the kamban verse. This moovar nee
mudhalvan nee has just a reflection of aazhvaar. First among three, one in
three, one and three are same, three in one.
Mudhalaam thiru uruvam moonRu enbar onRE
Mudhal aagum moonRukkum enbar mudhalvaa
Nigar ilagu kaar uruvaa nin agaththu anRE
Pugar ilagu thaamaraiyin poo - 72 periya thiruvanthaadhi

thiru koNda alladhu udaiya uruvam mudhal aagum - aam can be said as aagum
mudhal uruvam moonRu enbar
moonRukkum onRE mudhal aagum 
mudhalvaa- kaar uruvaa 
nin agaththu ilagu thaamaraiyin poo pugar thiru uruvaa.
Oh, simple tamil and great meaning.
In thiru vaasiriyam 3- 
ulagam moonRu udan vaNangu thOnRu pugazh aaNai mei peRa nadaya dheivam
moovaril mudhalvan aagi- again a mudhalvanE moonRu- moonRil mudhalvan

In nammazhvaar thiruvaaimozhi 3-6-2 same one in three, three in one is given
"moovaragiya moorthiyai mudhal moovarkkum mudhalvan thannai".

The highlight in this verse is the timing of lord to bless the bhaktha- aavi
pOm vElai vaai aRivu.

Now the next verse for mooLaiyil asai pOda
Puramelaam eri seithOn mudhalinOr poruvilaa
Varamelaam uruvi en vasaiyilaa valimai saal
Uramelaam uruvi en uyirelaam nugaru nin
Saram alaal piRidhu vERu uLadhO dharumamE


Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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