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Subjects for discussion

From: M.K. Krishnaswamy (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 11:08:12 PDT

Respected Members,

Re: Public service by Sri Vaishnava Organizations

The discussion arose from the original question:
"does a single Sri Vaishnava group gather able-bodied youth and go, do humanitarian service work in a Dalit (or any)  downtrodden or impoverished village?" and not an invitation to 'explore the notion of kainkarya and dharma in the Sri Vaishnava context'. 

The latter is a general proposition, inviting from members statements of facts on a particular subject and encouraging discussion on general principles; this method helps us to collect & consider facts and arrive at a reasonable Consensus on the basis of facts so collected. 

The former  was a question with an implied suggestion, at the very beginning and without valid proof,  about the absence of a desirable element or presence of an undesirable element; it then  invited rebuttal -- a practice followed nowadays even by responsible newspapers and criticized by many responsible citizens as being unfair to the persons concerned. Though not identically the same, it is somewhat similar to the category of statements categorized in legal terminology as 'suppressio veri suggestio falsi' - a non-statement (or non-collection) of true facts leading to an incorrect conclusion.

Bhakti-List is an important and influential internet publication which is rendering significant service.  We shall all benefit if, at least in the future, we can defer a statement of concluded opinion till after inviting and collecting facts relating to the subject - not the other way about. If this change is adopted, feelings and sensitivities will not be hurt (as has happened in this case) and we can all progress harmoniously.

M.K. Krishnaswamy

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