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Re: Question from Sri Murali Krishna

From: nadadurmathavan (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 22:58:26 PDT

Dear Sri Mani Varadharajan:

I am humbly requesting that you discontinue further discussion on this subject matter.  Regardless of your good intent and ability as a moderator to urge discussion, an institution's name has been mentioned as a starting point for this topic.  Perhaps you do not understand the seriousness and sensitivity to the perceptions surrounding this issue.  Again, it greatly pains me and other bhagavathas to see it discussed and judged so casually.  As Sri Srikanth Sadagopan pointed out, "Lastly, please think and act responsibly before you pull some religious institution's name in public. A lot of us need to develop this culture before we exhibit our immature-self. Always try your best to use "some", "somebody" etc before you come up with what is construed as an opinionated story and/or an impulse-triggered tale."  Let us try to cultivate this habit. This is a very sensitive matter and even if bhagavathas unwittingly mention an organization's name, I request you as a moderator to exercise some control over such postings in the future so that similar issues do not recur.  

Bhakthi list should not be a forum through which Sri Vaishnava organizations are casually discussed and judged.  I am quoting Sri Krishna Kalale on this, "I personally feel that value of email should be more focused on " scriptures and explanations", news of events pertaining to promote bhakti to Lord srimmanarayana and such issues."  -- I agree wholeheartedly.  I also agree with Sri M.K. Krishnaswamy's observation on Neo-Swamins issue regarding judgmental observations: "Bhakti-List is respected/read widely all over the world and also quoted. We therefore, have a special responsibility when making judgmental observations. I wish we had not opened the Pandora's box.  Experience has shown that it is easier to open it than close it". 
Again, I kindly request you to discontinue further discussion on this topic.  I am not making this as a personal request -- it is the repeated request of an organization.  Please respect our sentiments.  Thank you.

Nadadur Madhavadasan
Secretary, Sri Ramanuja Mission
Srirangam Srimad Andavan Perisaashramam       


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