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Re: Question from Murali Krishna

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Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 15:42:37 PDT

Sriman Sadagopan Swamin please accept my countless
pramanams to you. All, bhagavathas please do not
take this as an insult.
I recall very faintly that Adi Sankara's final 
test was an interlude with a person who was
dressed in rags and a derelict. The test was
if the foremost Sriman Narayana Bhaktha Adi Sankara
would discriminate between ephemeral appearance and
the immutable Jeeva inside and add to that
Antaryami Sriman Narayana HIMSELF.
Only when Adi Sankara respected this person was HIS
knowledge deemed complete. 
The lesson was that no one may
be judged by appearance alone. 

I write software and "find a remedy not a fault"
is one of my favorite quotations. I do not know who
said this. We can apply this here as well.

Going forward how can this incident be prevented.
Why not have the following schemes:
(0) for those who want to satiate their physical
hunger only, have a location where they get food
and on a strictly "take out" mode. Such a location
could be on the periphery.
(2) for those who want more than "food"
(2a) for those who are already observing "saucam"
the usual place where people eat
(2b) for those who are inclined to get cleansed
and get indoctrinated into God Principle (not even
Sriman Narayana), provide a bathing place.
This way water and cleaning resource will not go
waste on TYPE (0). 

I am not sure if this is a practical or feasible

This certainly happens in Tirumala, where HE 
observably rules and is no longer elusive or

Om Namo Narayana
--- Mani Varadarajan <>
> sreedhar shivkumar writes:
> > Deha Shuddhi is recommended even by the veda's ,
> so
> > its every person's duty to keep his body and
> clothes
> > clean and neat.
> > even the young child should start developing that
> > habit right now. may be his clothes are torn , but
> > even those he could keep it clean and neat.
> > he could have washed his face , combed his hair.
> > the basic things should be followed.
> This strikes me as a bit insensitive. Where, pray
> tell,
> should a little homeless boy wandering the streets
> of Delhi
> wash himself and his clothes? Where should he get a
> comb
> to groom himself? We can't even imagine how
> difficult it
> must be to live under the circumstances this boy
> does.
> I don't think we are in the position of judging how
> and
> when he grooms himself, especially when he is trying
> to
> fill his stomach.
> aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,
> Mani
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