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From: M.K. Krishnaswamy (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 15:00:30 PDT

Dear Members,

Due to legal difficulties, we cannot warn against any individual "Neo_Swami" or any individual organization; such warnings will be considered as acts of defamation and the burden of proof upon the one making the allegations is heavy.

We have therefore now created the group concept of "Neo-Swamis" or "neo-Sadhus" or "pseudo-Sadhus". I understand the good intention behind the statements. But there is some danger in this practice since, in the eyes of the new-comer to spiritual enquiry, every living  Swami is new who will have to be tested in advance about integrity / detachment / qualifications etc. 

Exploiters have existed at all times and in every field of human activity. Every adult knows he has to be on guard against such persons. By explicitly creating this category of persons, namely, Swamis with the title Neo, about whom we should be careful, we are not conveying any new or specific information not known to the recipients. On the contrary, without intending to, we have cast a shadow of doubt on all Swamis in the eyes of the yet-to-become aspirants to spiritual experience and, in particular, the younger generation. They may, in view of the perceived danger and the warnings of experienced Seniors, choose to keep away from all Swamis as the easy way out. This danger is real since most organizations which are genuine have to and do collect funds for the proper/efficient carrying on of their activities. An additional reason is that due to rivalries / jealousies / prejudices, adverse comments & rumours do float about relating to many established, genuine organizations. A new-comer has neither the time/expertise nor sources of information to conduct the verifications himself.

Bhakti-List is respected/read widely all over the world and also quoted. We therefore, have a special responsibility when making judgmental observations. I wish we had not opened the Pandora's box.  Experience has shown that it is easier to open it than close it. 
MK Krishnaswamy

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