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Re: Question about Shanka and Chakra
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 06:57:00 PDT

Dear Srikant Sadagopan,

Adiyen once asked the same question to Sri Rangapriya swamigal and 
Swamigal reply was that All the weapons and all other ornaments etc., 
of are different 'Tatwa' (realities).Here is the list.

1.Shankam = Pranavam/Vedam
2.Chakram = Kala tatvam (Time) (Definitely Kala is the greatest  
weapon for ignorant Jivas as it devores every such ignorant people)
3.Khadgam = Jnana (Knowledge)
4.Srivatsa = Jiva tatvam 
etc etc.,

Kindly correct me if I am Wrong.
Adiyen Akinchanan

--- In bhakti-list@y..., "Srikant Sadagopan" <srikasada@h...> wrote:
> Shashtaanga Namaskarams to all the bhagavathas:
> Ive always taken this fact for granted that the Lord always adorns 
> Shanka and Chakra. The Vedas and the Divya Prabhandams purport this.
> However do these texts say WHY God likes these especially the 
> Shanka/Shangu(the Conch). The Chakra, as I can guess, is a powerful 
> that he uses to destroy evil.
> In Krishnaavatara He uses His conch(Panchajanya) during the war. 
But has 
> there been any other specific reason as to why He has liked it to 
> deck himself with it??
> dAsAnudAsan
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