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thiru viNNagarath thEn - part 4 - maRaitha"thEn" ?

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 20:27:55 PDT

Srimadh Azhagiya Singar thiruvadikaLE saraNam

(In this part an attempt is made to  provide  brief  meanings   for
those references that use "murAttu vARththaigaL")

thiru viNNagarath thEn - part 4 - maRaitha"thEn" ?

Dear bAgawathAs,

        The actions one has to perform as being a prapanna  are the
essence of some of these pasurams we deal in this series.  However,
these pAsurams are very candid  about all these information and  we
have to gain the understanding of them  after   doing  kAlakshEbham from a 
sadhAchArya.  Having  mentioned  a bit about the saranAgathi
margam and  its most  suitable nature, it is  time  to  deal  those
"muRattu vARtthaigaL"  and hidden references in  tamil  vEdham. Why
did they hide this concept (saranagathi mArgam, prapanna  shAshtram
and the description of our destiny)? In tamil  maRaitha"thEn" means
why did you hide ?.  It also means "maRaitha thEn". ie.. The  tamil
that hide all these very important concepts is  nothing  other than
this "thEn" or 4000 divya prabhandham.

        As mentioned earlier many of these compounded words are  on
the  nature of  the surroundings of a divya dEsam  are  very  sweet
like honey and and are very  poetic  and  can  be called as  kavith
"thEn". In particular these poetic references on  the  surroundings
are about the towns, fields, buildings, trees, flowers, honey, bees,
rivers and so  on. Besides the poetical value and being a component
of the meter, these references have special meanings as such.

      Each and every one of these 108 divya dEsams are Srivaikundam
themselves. Since perumAL is doing a nityA vAsam, these  are  to be
seen as a Srivaikundam incarnate in boolOgam. When such Srivaikutam
incarnates  in  the  boolOgam, along with that comes the inmates of
the Srivaikundam. When a jeeva nathi sAram is referred in a pAsuram
it must be considered as a reference to the vEdhAm surrouding  that
Srivaikunda  divya  dEsam. For example, kAveri  is known  as vishnu
mAyA.  When a "SiRu nathi" is cited,  it may  be understood as many
upanishads that are constantly staying in that divya  dEsam and are
praising the Lord of that divya dEsam. When many elegant  and  very
beautiful buildings and their enormous height,  golden  nature   is
mentioned it  indicates  the  great  nitya   suris  who  constantly
surround  the paramAthmA. They view the paramAtha from  where  they
are and they never move away. In tamil, they are referred as  "imai
kottAmAl pArtthuk koNdE irruppavargaL". ie.. they never move around
and station themselves  permanently  around  divya  dampathis.  The
reference  to height and other aspects of these structures indicate
the greatness of those nitya suris  (height,  golden nature).  When
fertile fields are mentioned they  show  the  great  palans,  these
"jeeva nathis" (vEdhams) have rendered to this divya dEsam ie.. the
"vEdha vitthukkaLAna  mahA purushargaL"   and mahAns who constantly
surround that  city  and pass on that gentle breeze of vEdha swAsam
in and around that divya dEsam. They are fertile due to the  rivers
(vEdham), and the boomi  (divya dEsam) vAsam.  The  huge  and  very
beautiful walls  that surround the divya dEsam are to be considered
as the strong gaurds of the Srivaikundam.

       The gardens that has the flowers and trees may refer  to the
rare collection of granthams and Sri sukthis on this  Lord.   Above
all, the Bees that buzz these gardens must be  consdiered  as   the
"AchAryALs" who incarnate  often  and seek the  essence  of   these
Srisukthis and granthams  collect  them  in  their  hives  for  our
benefits. There is a clear  reference  provided  by Sri thirumangai
AzhwAr for this interpretation on bees. Finally  the essence of all
these Sri sukthis and  granthams must be that  Honey  or "thEn"  we
all seek. Such "thEn" is  easily  provided  by  our great AchAryALs
who collect it and pass on to us. Having talked about thEn and bees
from the next part we will deal the intended pathigam.

Sri kumutha vaLLi nAcchiyAr samEtha Sri thirumangai AzhwAr thiruvadikaLE 
Sri boomidEvith thAyAr samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE saraNam.
adiyEn irAmAnusa dAsan
thiruk kudanthai Sampath Rengarajan

note:  While we are attempting to write on these special references,
adiyEn and few bAgawahtAs also plans   to  do  a very  special thiru
manchanam for our  Lord Sri Oppiliappan with  21  "padi"  of  "thEn"
and 21 "padi" of milk and other thirumanchanam materials next month.
A  very unique and   special thirumanchana kattiyam was delivered by
Sri U.VE. SadagopAchAriar on Sri oppiliappan.  We  plan to recite it
during that occassion. adiyEn requests Lord  Oppiliappan bhakthAs to
join adiyEn in  whatever way they wish to. They are welcome to  join
in person with adiyEn or  they can  join  and  write  about our Lord
Sri Oppiliappan or do some other  kainkaryam for Sri Oppilippan.

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