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Re: thiru viNNagarath thEn - Part 2 - viNNAppath"thEn" by Sri S.Rengarajan and additional comments by Sri M.Rangaswamy of the Vedic connotation of the word "Madhu": Part II .

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 11:53:02 PDT

Dear BhakthAs:

Four more Rg Veda Manthrams housing Madhu 
Sabdham are found in VI.70.5, IX.89.4 (madhuprushtam),
IV.57.3 and X.24.6 ....

Rg Veda manthram : IV.57.2 & IV.57.3

The MangaLa Madhu Sabdham appears in 
the consecutive Manthrams of the IVth canto:

KshEthrasya pathE Madhumantham Urmim
dhEnuriva payO asmAsu dhukshava
Madhuschutham gruthamiva supUthamruthasya
na: pathayO mruLayanthu....IV.57.2

(Meaning):" Oh Lord of the abode ! Bestow on us
the (bliss) wave (aanandha lahari),rich in HONEY , 
distilling HONEY , and well purified (HONEY) 
like clarified butter , as cow does (from) its milk.
May the Lords of the sacred laws (dEvAs) be gracious 
to us".Madhumantham means rich with Honey.

When the Lord is invoked here as "KshEthrasya PathE!",
the reference seems to be to the 13th chapter of 
Bhagavad GithA ( KshEhtra-KshEthrj~na Yogam).
GithAchAryan invites the  attention of ArjunA
and says:" KshEthrj~nam maam viddhi sarva KshEthrEshu
Bhaaratha !" ( Know Me also as the field-knower
in all fields)".  He is expounding the upanishadic
instructions here: " He who dwelling in the self , 
is within self , whom the self does not know , 
whose body the self is and who controls the self
from within " ( Br.Upanishad: 5.7.22). 

KshEthrasaya Pathi, Aakasa NagarIsan , ThiruviNNagarappan
can be visualized here.The madhu mentioned twice in
this manthram is connected to amrutham ( thihattAtha
ThEn ) in the very same manthram.

Rg vedha manthram: IV.57.3
madhumathir oushadhdhIr dhyAvA aapO
madhumannO bhavath anthariksham
KshEthrasya pathir madhumAn nO
anvEnam charEma

(Meaning):" May the herbs of the field 
( Oushadhi) be sweet to us! May the heavens , 
the waters, the firmament be sweet to us! 
May the KshEthrapathi (ThiruviNNagarappan)
be gracious to us! May we be able to obey 
His inspiration without obstruction ! "

Rg vedha manthram : VI.70.5
MADHU nO dhyAvApruTivI mimikshathAm
dhadhAnE Yaj~nam dhraviNam cha dEvathA 
mahi sravO vaajamasmE suveeryam

The Madhu sabdham is invoked thrice here.
The functions of creations are invoked here
as a (honey-like) sweet amalgamation.  

Rg Vedham : X.24.6
This manthram is a deep one with
three references to MADHU .

MADHUmanmE parAyanam MADHUMATH punarAyanam
thaa nO dEvA dEvathayA yuvam MADHUmathaskrutham

(meaning): May my departure be sweet and may my 
coming back be sweet and pleasant . May You Both
through Your divine powers enrich us with all
sweetness (like Honey).

This manthram can be intrepreted at many levels.
At one level , the appeal is to the twin Aswini
dEvAs and asking for their power (dEvathayA)
to make the coming and going be sweet.Lord 
is the antharyAmin of the twins.

At another level , the muktha jeevan's departure
by archirAdhi maaargam and request for the journey to 
be sweet (Honey like)with appropriatate maryAdhais by
the dEvathais of archirAdhi maargam. The muktha
jeevan does not return here (na punarAvarthathE)
unless commanded by the Lord for executing 
special assignments.May that return journey
( puna: aayanam ) be sweet (madhumath).YuvAm refers to 
the Dhivya Mithunam (Divine Couple ) of Sri Vaikuntam. 
Their power is referrd to as "dEvathayA " in this 

Thus , One can connect the ancient Rg Vedha Manthrams
with Reference to Madhu ( The Honey of the DevAs )
with the thEn at ThiruviNNagar celebrated by Kaliyan.

Srimath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE saraNam ,
Daasan Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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