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Emperumanar Darsanam - Bhagavada Dharmam

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 15:43:31 PDT

Jaya Sriman Narayana,Just now I was going thro the article by Sri SriKrishnaPremi Swamigal in Bhagavada Dharmam , a monthly magazine, July issue, on his experience , on Archavadharam.A true Srivaishnavite , his artcle on the efforts made for renovation of Divya Desa temples should be an eye opener for  Srivaishnavites around the globe.The Trust has very clear five objectives and Swami explains in the article how they are going about in getting their objective fulfilled.He concludes the first artcle by saying  he never allows  any one to inscribe his name in the  foundation stone,hesistates to attend samprokshanams as he is not comfortable when people praise him for the efforts,satisfied  with the kainkaryam and dharmam ,there is lot of mental peace ,there is no necessity to get name and fame,hence  he avoids participating in Ghoshti Mariyadhai .I will be mailing shortly the  English translation of the article.In some of my mails I had lamented most of us talk and talk and do little towards propagating Emperumanar Darsanam.I stand corrected.There are people  who silently do great service  and may Lord Naryana increase their clan.
Jaya Sriman Narayana
Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shishya sampath

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