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Question from Murali Krishna

From: Srikant Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 08:46:40 PDT

Dear Sri Murali Krishna,
I'm sure you are aware of this term called 'protocol'. If there's an evolved 
process, there's always bound to be some discipline, and our 'Vedic Culture' 
is something that evolved even before the mankind that we know of did.
When it comes to offerings, Sriman Narayana and Piratti come first and then 
his entourage and then Rishi-Munis, Bhagavathas and lastly, common people 
like me.

Let me give you an unbiased view here since I DO NOT belong to this 
ashramam(I belong to Sri Ahobila Matam). I'm sure the Bhagavatha with the 
Thiruman who asked the boy to wait outside did NOT REFUSE food to the little 
boy. It might have been a simple thought of "GHOSHTI FIRST" and others 
later. The little boy has had to only wait not starve.
And I'm sure everyone of us here will have either been taught to wait till 
our turn comes or learnt from experiences to wait.
And if you had any grouses you could have walked up to the Holy Feet of 
Srimadh Andavan and expressed yourself.

Lastly, please think and act responsibly before you pull some religious 
institution's name in public. A lot of us need to develop this culture 
before we exhibit our immature-self. Always try your best to use "some", 
"somebody" etc before you come up with what is construed as an opinionated 
story and/or an impulse-triggered tale.

A lot of us are distracted by such sporadic incidents though our purpose is 
to get involved in the bhagavadhanubhavam. But giving everything a thought 
backed by "supreme faith" helps!
Have faith in the system, especially the Srivaishnava system. The Lord will 
feed all, and at the right times!

Emberumaanar ThiruvadigaLe sharaNam!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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