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PeriyAzhwAr Thirunakshathram: Part III: Patthu of PeriyAzhwAr Thirumozhi

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Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 18:21:01 PDT

Bhattar PirAn ThiruvadigaLE Saranam 

Dear BhakthAs :

We will continue with the high level overview 
of the third patthu paasurams here:

3.1: Third Patthu: Mudal Thirumozhi
YasOdhA invites her dear infant son for nourishment
through breast feeding .He is still an infant. She
remembers with awe suddenly the athimAnusha ChEshtais 
( Sperhuman/Divine leelais ) that He did in sucking
the life out of Poothanai , destruction of SakatAsuran
with a mere kick of his tiny feet , bringing down 
the Marutha trees , the destruction of VathsAsuran
et al . She says: "I recognize that You must be 
SarvEswaran and hence I fear of doing my duites of 
breast-feeding You as Your Mother".

3.2: Third Patthu: Second Thirumozhi
Here Mother YasOdhA forgets for a moment that
Kutti KaNNan is the LokanAthan and thinks of
Him as her child (Aayan)born in sheperd vamsam.
She sends Him with other children (gOpa KumArAs)
to the forest for grazing cattle in the morning . 
Noon time comes . She could not bear the separation 
form Her dear child and she blames herself now about
her poor judgement to send Him to the graze cattle
in the harsh forest.

3.3: Third Patthu: Third Thirumozhi
Evening time arrives. Kutti Krishnan is home with
His friends from the forest . The elated mother
YasOdhA enjoys the beautiful tresses of Kutti KaNNan
adorned with forest flowers and beams with joy. 
She invites her friends to witness the soundharyam 
of her dear son.She tells her pride and joy not to
return to the forest next day but to stay with her.
PeriyAzhwar becomes YasOdha to enjoy and describe
this anubhavam.

3.4: Third Patthu:Fourth Thirumozhi  
In the earlier patthu, YasOdhai said:
" NaaLai-Thottu KanRin pin pOhEl ,
kOlam seythu inghe Iru"( From tomorrow ,
do not go to the forest for grazing cattle; please
pretty Yourself and stay with me here). Kutti KaNNan
agreed and stayed for 7 days and celebrated His 
birth star of SravaNam . Then , He went to the forest ,
performed His duties as Gopa KumAran and returned
home with vana Maalai and VeNu GhAnam. All the young
girls of Aaypaadi looked form their windows and
were deeply atteacted to His beauty and VeNu Naadham.
PeriyAzhwAr transforms himself into these Gopa Kannis
and describes their aanandha-anubhavam here .

3.5: Third Patthu: Fifth Thirumozhi
Here PeriyAzhwar becomes one of the onlookers 
under the umbrella of Govardhana Giri lifted by 
MaayOn KaNNan to protect the clan of shepherds 
against the wrath of Indhran and praises 
the divine leelai of the Lord (govardhana- 

3.6: Third Pathtu: Sixth Thirumozhi
Here the glories of the Lord playing 
His divine music on His flute is enjoyed
by PariyAzhwAr and articulated with great
feeling by PeriyAzhwAr.Sriman M.G.Vaasudevan of
Chennai has posted many enjoyable articles
on the Lord blessing us with His divine
VeNu ghAnam .  

3.7: Third patthu: Seventh Thirumozhi
Here,PeriyAzhwAr takes on the role of 
a Mother of Aayar Kulam and describes with pathos 
the pitiable and helpless state to which her daughter 
has been reduced as a result of her (daughter's)
anubhavam of the sarvAnga Soundharyam of
VeNugOpalan .The Mother describes how her
daughter had lost her mind over Sri KrishNan
and her own helplessness to save her daughter
from the grip of KrishNa PrEmai.

3.8: Third Patthu: Eighth Thirumozhi
The pulampals (lamentations ) of the Mother
and her suspicion over the absence of her 
daughter from her bedside are experienced here .
She concludes that the Lord had come at night 
and charmed her daughter and taken her(daughter)
away to His palace .PeriyAzhwAr becomes that mother,
who lost her daughter to the ILam KaaLai , KaNNapirAn.

3.9: Third Patthu: Ninth Thirumozhi(PaadippaRa Paasurams)
Here , PeriyAzhwAr shifts gears to enjoy RaamAvathAram 
after exclusive enjoyemnt of KrishNAvatharam until now.
AzhwAr takes on the role of two Gopis , who declare
aloud that their ishta dhaivam , Raaman and KrishNan 
rspectively are the greatest .The two gopis challenge 
each other in a playful way and assert that one's 
ishta dhaivam  is superior to the other , although 
they know that both avathArams are different 
manifestations of Sriman NaarAyanan alone.

3.10: Third Patthu: Tenth Thirumozhi
Here , PeriyAzhwAr movingly describes
KaNayAzhi Padalam of Sundara Kaandam of
Srimath RaamAyanam , where Raama DhUthan ,
HanumAn finds SitA pirAtti at AsOka Vanam
and makes Her joyous thru the presenttion of
the hand ring of her Lord carrying the imprint
of His(Raama) Naamam.HanumAn describes the various 
incidents known only to the Dhivya dampathis
as breifed by Lord Raamachandran to assure 
SithA PirAtti that HanumAn is a genuine 
Raama DhUthan sent by Her Lord to assure 
Her about His resolve to rescue Her from
RavaNan's prison .

adiyEn will continue with the rest of 
the Paasurams of PeriyAzhwAr in the next

Sri KrishNAya namO Nama:
Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan 


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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