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Re: gayatri mantra

From: Sudharshan Santhanam (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 10:17:42 PDT

srimathe ramanujaya nama:

namaskAram to all the bhAgavathAs, 

to mr. ramesh's question, i would like to reply thus

gAyatri mantra

<< am not supposed to write the mantra in full form >>

the mantra means 

God, you are the giver of life, the remover of pain
and sorrow, the bestower of happiness; O god, Creator
of the Universe, may we receive your supreme,
sin-destroying light; may you guide our intellect in
the right direction.

the word by word meaning is here:

Pranava - Almighty God
1st word Embodiment of all positive energy
2nd word Destroyer of suffering 
3rd word Embodiment of happiness
4th word That (indicating God)
5th word Bright and luminous
6th word Supreme (best)
7th word Destroyer of sins
8th word Divine
9th word May (we) receive
10th word Intellect
11th word Who
12th word Our
13th word May (you) inspire (me)

The Significance

The mantra is the very quintessence of the Vedas.
Verily it is the mother of the Vedas. The meaning of
the syllable "Ga" is Jiva. Gayatri is that which
protects and fosters all life forms. One must realise
therefore that on being given this Gayatri Manthra, he
has been given a rebirthing.

When a person starts chanting this Manthra in
conformity with certain rules and code of conduct, he
will certainly be able to reach a state in fulfillment
of this Manthra. Arriving at a new stage, the third
stage, which is called the Vipra. At this stage we can
begin to chant the Vedas. Acting according to the
vedas one can attain mOkshA.

So Gayatri Mantra is the mantra which actually
initiates a person to brAmhanatvA.

this is what i have perceived from preachings from my
elders. if anyone has a different opinion, i beg
pardon for my ignorance and i request those people to
correct me.


sudharshan dasan

Om namO ramanujaya nama:

sri tirukkudandai andavan thiruvadigale sharanam
sri srimushnam andavan thiruvadigale sharanam

--- wrote:
> dear bhagavatas,
> namaskarams to all,
> I have a doubt reg. gayatri mantra. we know it is
> one of the most sacred of all the mantras. Now i
> request you to kindly explain its significance as
> per sri vaishnavite sampradaya and also how the
> SUPREME LORD sriman narayana is related to gAyatrI
> mantrA.
> adiyen ramanuja dasan,
> Ramesh
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