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Re: SrivilliputthUr Andal's sayana sevai and related Home page from Singapore

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 13:12:41 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

As indicated by Sri MadhavakkaNNan ,
the perumAL displayd in the home pages 
The perumAL and ANDAL displayed in the 
sayana  alankAram is the Aaatthu perumAL 
( AarAdhana Moorthy ) of Sri Mahesh at home 
and not the Srinivasa PerumAL of Serangoon Temple 
as I had indicated earlier.

I wish to share with you  a little more information
about Sri Mahesh's deep attachment to 
Srinivasa PerumAL and hope he does not mind
my sharing of this information .

I understand from the age 5 , Sri Mahesh has been
assisting the Bhattars at the Serangoon Road Temple
alankArams . He received at age 18 from his 
parents as a present , the Vigraham of Lord Vishnu 
with Sankha -Chakram , Mace ( Gathai)and abhaya hastham .
Although the lakshaNam of this Vigraham  with Ubhaya-
NaachimArs would be that of either Sri VaradarAjan 
or Ranganathan,Sri Mahesh has affectionately named 
this archA vigraham as "SrinivAsan" and has  been offering
worship to that Lord at his home for the past few 
years .He sis till in his twenties.

I understand it took 6 hours to complete
this SayanOthsava alankAram for "SrinivAsan" at his home.
Since Aug 3 (SayanOthavam day at Sri VilliputthUr)
is a working day for him , he completed the alankAram on 
a Sunday ( einthu Garuda sevai day ) and released his
home page same day  containing that alankAram and sent it
to us . 

BTW ,the correct address for Sri Mahesh's
URL is---> ( I had missed
the dot between Vishnu and homepage in my previous note.
Please have the wonderful sevai of Sayana ThirukkOlam
of perumAL . 

The reason why I am writing about this wonderful
happening is that you might have young children at 
home. Once you create a ruchi (taste)for them to get
involved with Bhagavath Kaimkaryam , it will
last forever . You might recall the story of 
MeerAbhAi , who received a vigraham of Giridhar
Gopal and from then on He took care of every thing.

ANDAL's anubhavam is the same according to PeriyavAcchAn
PiLLai in 3000 Padi avathArikai although She is
the amsam of BhUmi Devi, one of the consorts of the Lord .

PeriyavAcchAn PiLLai says :

" She(ANDAL) considered Sri VilliputthUr as ThiruvAipAdi ,
the girls there as Gopis, Herself as one of them ,
VaDapathrasAyee's temple as the ThirumALikai of
NandagOpan and the resident inside as Sri KrishNan 
and by that BhavanA prakarsham ( pull of that feeling
state) ripened in bhaagavath anubhavam which resulted 
in " Idai nadayum , idai mudiyum , idaippEcchum mudai
naaRRamAi vittathu". This resulted in the total 
identification with the role( behavior, dressing
and speech ) to yield the ThiruppAvai and NaacchiyAr 

MeerA bhai pleaded for her union with GiridhAri:

"aavO manamOhanaa jee meeDA BhArO bhOl"

MeerA followed the footsteps of ANDAL and sent
several messages to KrishNA through her moving 
PadhAvaLis.She took pen in hand  to write to Him
and her hand trembled .She tells the bird watching her:
" You are witnessing my physical and mental pain .You
convey to my lover my helplessness , my pangs of
heart and my uncontrollable emotions ( pathiyAm 
maim kaisE likhUm likhyOrI na jaaya , kalam dharatha
MErO kara kaampatha hai naina rahai jaD jAya--).MeerA
identified KrishNa in every object of nature. She
invited Him to have a taste of 56 varieties of Food
and side dishes as Raaja BhOga naivEdyam (PadaavaLi:
Pada 47). She followed the route shown by ANDAL,
who offered Butter and AkkAra Vadaisil to 
the Lord of ThirumAlirumchOlai. I am not suggesting here
that MeerAbhAi knew of the Prabhandhams of ANDAL,
but a Bhakthai's approach to Her Lord has similarities
in praying for "SampUrNa Saannidhyam " of their Naayakan.

Saint ThyahgarAjaa's anubhavam with Sri Raamachandran
is the same.He had inherited Yeka Peeta Sri Raaman
with His consort and parivAram from his fahter ,
Sri Raama Brahmam. When one has the darsanam 
of that AarAdhana Moorthy today at TanjAvoor Varahappiyer
Lane , One notices the smallness of the size of these 
vigrahams . You can almost place them in
the palms of your hand . Sadhguru Swamy was 
talking thru his krithis to that Sri Raman and 
Jaanaki MaathA Vigrahams like they(Raaman
and SeethA)  were humans standing before him 
as AajAnu Baahu with His divine consort. 
This is BhavAnA Prakarsham is all about .
That Bhava PrakarshaNam ripened and led 
to Saint ThyagarAjA having the rare blessing of
Raama darsanam twice  , once with LakshmaNan
as Yaaga SamrakshaNa moorthy and another time
with SeethA pirAtti and AnjanEyar , when Raamachandran
sat at the Thirumanjana Veethi house of His bhakthan
and AnjanEyar cooked the evening meals and served 
them all . 

In summing up, blessed are those , who can
have that type of feeling state due to Poorva-
Janma Sukrutham and relate to the Lord with
endearing service . 

ANDAL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  

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