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GodhA Sthuthi: part XI- Six Slokams 9, 12, 13,

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 19:03:46 PDT

Namo Narayanaya!

We will cover in this post 3 slOkams and the rest in the next 
three posts and conclude the series on the GodhA Sthuthi before 
this year's Aaadi Pooram day (August 2) dear to Our Godhai. 

SlOkam 9:
In this slOkam , Swamy Desikan salutes Godhai
as Lakshmi Sahajai or the One who is a sibling 
of Periya PirAtti. 

Maatha: SamuthtithavathIm adhivishNu chittham
  visvOpjeevyamamrutham vachasA dhuhAnAm
taapacchidham himaruchEriva moorthymanyAm
  sathna: payOdhi Duhithu: sahajAm vidhusthvAm

(meaning): Oh Mother GodhE! You are like the other 
form of Chandran . Vedams declare that Chandran
was born out of the mind of VishNu( Chandramaa
ManasO Jaatha:). You incarnated as the darling
daughter of PeriyAzhwAr (VishNu Chitthar).Chandran 
delights the heart of every one through His cool rays.
You uplift the people of the world independent
of their status through the nectar of Your dhivya
Prabhandhams and Your dhivya svarUpam .The learned
souls recognize Your similarities to Chandran and
comprehend You as the sibling (Koodap PiRanthavaL)
of Periya PirAtti, who arose out of the milky Ocean.
You are recognized as Lakshmi Sahajai just as 
Chandran is a Lakshmi Sahajan for having born
out of the very same milky ocean.

" AdhivishNuchittham SamutthathivathIm " are the
words chosen by Swamy Desikan. He thus indicates
that Godhai was born out of the Sankalpam of the Lord 
(VishNuchittham ) as a daughter of AdhivishNuchitthar.

SevA Swamigal points out that the amrutha Sahajai aspects
of Godhai . During Periya PirAtti's vivAha MahOthsavam ,
nectar was distributed to the DevAs and became
DevOpajeevyam. Amrutha Sahajai Godhai distributed 
the nectar of Her prabhandhams for the upliftment 
(ujjevanam) of the world (visvOpajeevyam) . 

Like the cow yields from its full udder the milk for 
its calf , Godhai blesses us with the nectar , which 
removes the samsAric ThApams .This act of blessing
has been described by Swami Desikan as amrutha-
duhAnam ( Surappathu in Tamil or to yield milk/nectar).
She is Lakshmi Sahajai  and thus distributes nectar
also but in a different way. 

MahA Lakshmi is PayOdhi Duhithu : or the daughter
of milky ocean .VishNu thus becomes the payOdhi Duhithu: 
pathi . That VishNu's sankalpam was behind Godhai's
avathAram as the daughter of VishNucchitthaa .Both
Chandran and GOdhai have the common trait that they 
were born from the mind of VishNu (VishNuchittham).
MahA Lakshmi and Godhai have the saamyam of blessing  
DevAsand people of the world respectively with nectar.
This is their common glory. Thus Godhai becomes 
amrutha sahajai as well as Lakshmi Sahajai.

SlOkam 12:

This slokam deals with the glories that came by
the way of the river GodhAvari by having the same name.

prAyENa dEvi bhavathI vyapadEsayOgAth
  Godhaavari Jagadhidham payasA puneethE
YasyAm samEthya samayEshu chiram nivAsAth
  BhAgIrathI PrabhruthayOapi bhavanthi puNyA:

In the earlier slOkam , Swamy Desikan described
the glories that came to the Southern direction 
thru the avathAram of Godhai. Here , he describes 
the glories attained by the river GodhAvari 
by having the name of Godhai.

(Meaning): Oh GodhA Devi! The river GodhAvari 
seems to purify the world with its waters by
bearing Your name.Is it n't it so that the great
rivers like Ganga reside in GodhAvari for a long
time to become PuNya nadhis ? 

When we call ourselves "RaamAnuja Daasan" , we
announce our relation as the servant of RaamAnujA.
That is the purpose of adorning Daasya naamams.
GodhAvari river takes on Your Naamam and gains
thereform the power to cleanse the whole world 
with its waters including the puNya nadhis like
GangA et al.

"BhavathI vyapadEsa YogAth" means by virtue of 
adorning Your name (ThirunAmam as mukhya vyavahAram).

All the puNya nadhis cleanse the sins of people,
who dip in them and become impure over time.
Swamy Desikan says that these soiled rivers 
resort to the bath in GodhAvari at specific times
of the year to destroy their sins accumulated from 
the bathers .By having the name of Godhai ,
GodhAvari has the power to annul all these sins and 
restore the puNya nadhis to their pristine glory ,
while not being affected by their assembly of 
accumulated sins .

SlOkam 13:

The teasing of the friends of Godhai during
the occasion of marriage to Lord RanganAthA
is covered in this slOkam.

NaagEsaya: sutanu: Pakshiratha: Katham tE 
   Jaatha: svayamvarapathi: Purusha: PurANa:
Yevam vidhA samuchitham praNayam bhavathyA:
  Samdarsayanthi ParihAsa Gira:SakheenAm 

In traditional marriages , the lady friends of
the bride join together and sing teasing songs 
about the poor qualifications of the groom and
question his fitness to receive the hand of
their friend in marriage. These are called
ParihAsa GirA: and fit well with the overall
joy of a wedding celebration.Here, Swami Desikan 
becomes one of the Sakhis of Godhai and teases 
Her about the fitness of the Groom she has chosen.

(meaning of the slOkam): Oh Godhai of the most beautiful
and tender limbs! How did it happen that this old man ,
who sleeps on a bed of snake and has a bird for
his transport become the man of Your choice as Your
husband ? Your dear husband of choice does not
even have a proper bed for You; further , if
you wish to travel to a destination of Your desire,
You have to sit with Him uncomfortably on a bird .
You can not go round the town on a procession on foot.
You can only use the bird  to fly way high up.
The worst of it all is that Your husband is
an ancient(old) one, when it comes to His age , while
You are of tender age. How come You overlooked
all these negative factors , while making
Your choice of Him as Your future husband?
What happened? Thus Your friends tease You.

In actuality, the sakhis are congratulating 
Godhai for the Bhagyam of obtaining the PurANa
Param Purushan who has Adhi Seshan as His bed and
Garudan as His vaahanam . 
Godhai ThiuvadigaLE SaraNam,
Daasan, Oppilaippan Koil V.SatakOpan 




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