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Reg: Adiyen's Trip to Tirumala

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 07:46:13 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,

I have heard elders in my house say that you can go to Tirumala only when 
Tirumalayan wants you to come over there. This week end there was an offer 
from a friend enquiring if I would be interested in going to Tirumala for 
“Suprabhatha Seva” . As they say, who would refuse to have honey.

We left Bangalore at 2.30 p.m and reached Alipiri at 7.00 p.m. From the foot 
hills the view of the magnificent neon Nama,Chakra & Sankhu was breath 
taking. It reminded me of  the clarion call of Annamayya “Adigo Al Adigo 
SRIHARI Vasamu”. Incidentally Annamayya is deemed to be a Khadga  Avatara 
and probably carries the unique distinction of being the only bhaktha whose 
palanquin was carried by Lord Sriman Narayana himself- a proof of loord's 

While we drove up the hill, the cries of “Govinda” by thousands of Bhakthas, 
  coupled with the nip in the air and the unique aroma of the Seven Hills, 
made a heady mix of bhakthi.  It took us ½ an hour to reach Tirumala and all 
of a sudden it started raining cats and dogs.

We reported for the Suprabatha Seva at 2.30 a.m at the SriVaikuntam Complex 
and were in by 3.00 a.m. The thrill of entering the Mahadwaram is something 
unique & one has to experience this to understand this.The Suprabatham 
recitation by a group of 7 Smartha pandits started at 3.00 am sharp after 
which Venkateshwara Mangalasashanam followed. The recitation of Suprabatham 
by Smarthas was probably a tribute to Annamayya, to whom his Lord Srinivasa 
was "The Parabrahmam". He was the one who sang “ Brahmam Okate Parabrahmam 

After Mangalasashanam the Therai was removed and the Ladies were allowed to 
have darshan of the Lord first. The sight of Tirumalayan’s 
thirumukhamandalam charges anyone with emotion. I could recall the soul 
stirring call by Periyalwar – “Emmana, EnKuladeivame, Ennudaya Nayagane, 
Ninullenai petra nanmai Ivvulaginil Yaar  Peruvar? Even though we could have 
darshan of the Lord for only a few seconds it was indeed satifying.

While going round the prakarams, my son complained to me- “Appa these people 
are too bad. I wanted to have darshan of perumal for atleast some more time. 
These people keep pushing me around. Can we come back next month and have a 
sevai for atleast for half an hour! Childish…… but quite true! Again I 
thought of Periyalwar - “Ennayum En Udamayum Un Chakkara Pori Otri Kondu Nin 

Even as we left for Bangalore our mindset was akin to that of a school boy 
reporting to school after vacation and fervently looking forward for the 
next vacation.



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