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what HamsOpanishad has to say on nAdOpAsanA

From: R. Narasimhan (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 09:02:00 PDT

dear bhAgavathAs,
HamsOpanishad has spelt out 10 types of nAdanubhavam
in the verse on 'dashanAdAnubhav".
'chiNithi prathama' - meaning 'chini' is the first one
'chiNichiNithi dwitheeya' - 'chiNichiNi' is the second
'ghantanAdastruteeya' - the sound of a bell is the
'shankhanAdaschaturtha' - the sound of conch is the
'panchamastantreenAda' - veeNA sound is the fifth
'shashtasthALanAda' = sixth is the tALam or beats
'sapthamo vENunAda' - the seventh is the sound of
flute (remember our discussions started with
'ashtamO bhEreenAda' - the eighth is the sound of
bhEri (bErigai in tamil)
'navamO mrudanganAda' - the ninth is the sound of
dashamO meghanAda' - the tenth is the sound of mEgha
 These are the ten nAdAs which one hears when one
reaches higher stages of kundalini yOgA. nAdOpAsanA
helps in reaching these stages without effort in a
pleasant manner. but the most important thing to be
noted is that one cannot really enjoy nAdOpAsanA
unless the mind is all the time on His lotus feet.
'sangeetha gnAnamu bhaktu vinA sanmArgamu ledhu'.
kundali yOgA and nAdOpAsanA are thus interwoven. so
are all the 4 yOgAs viz. karma yOgam, gnAna yOgam,
bhakti yOgam and rAja yOgam, each overlaps into the
other with saraNagathi as the common thread.
adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan narasimhan

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