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Addr: M.S. Hari

From: Sheshadri Ranganathan (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 21:08:03 PDT

Dear Shree Hari,
You wrote:
M.S. Hari "I would like to strongly refute it and condemn the
presentation of the verse with careless translation in that magazine. I 
the knowledge of the person who translated the verse in that magazine. 
note the following points. "

**"CONDEMNING"** the presentation is totally uncalled for, in a 
Shrivaishnava forum and we're mere mortals engaged in the path of 'knowledge 
seeking' and Prapatthi, taught to refrain from using such strong words 
especially about what appeared in a reputed Shri Vaishnava digest.
And, I was taught not to **"DOUBT ANYONE'S KNOWLEDGE"**  if I was to remain 
a humble Prappana. And that act in my view is "Bhagavatha apacharam"
And yes, gives me to believe it as an act of ahankaram and with a lot of 
'I's as in "I would like to condemn it.." etc

Nadhopasana has certanily been a very a great Upaaya of attaining 
Prapatthi(again, does not mean it is the only means) No wonder is or 
Thiruppavai very muscial and with a lot "PaadelOr" "paatu" etc appearing 
more than 20 times(or much more?) in a work of 30 stanzas.
And let's not forget from the Geetha that Krishna's favorite among the Vedas 
is "Sama".
Deeper understanding of our music has only brought people closer to God and 
you have said
M.S. Hari "Please get back to with Pramaanam from Prastaana Trayam that only 
"Veena-Vaadanam with knowledge in music" is Mokshopaayam.

The author has never clamied that is a Pramanam from the "Prastana Trayam"
Please note that it is for some people who want to get started on the 
BHAKTHI MARGA. Once they learn to appreciate music, they would only get 
closer to God and ultimately seek the path of Bhakthi/PRAPATHI(let's not 
forget all compositions in our music is about GOD or lead to GOD)

Secondly, Thyagaraja might not have been a SriVaishnava technically, but 
like we've discussed in this Bhakthi forum, most of us would like to believe 
he attained MOKSHAM.

And please excuse me if I dont make any Pramanams. I can only, at this 
limiting point, offer Pranamams.


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