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GodhA Sthuthi: Part X -SlOkam 7

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 17:10:55 PDT

Namo Narayanaya!

Dear BhakthAs:

In the sixth paasuram , Swami Desikan compared
the dhivya svarUpam and the anantha KalyANa GuNams
of ANDAL with the six rivers . In the seventh slOkam,
He hints at the reason why Adhi Kavi Valmiki's
speech in Srimath RaamAyaNam is sweet and elaborates
on the sambhandham between Godhai and Sage VaalmIki.

SlOkam 7:

ValmIkatha: sravaNathO VasudhAthmanasthE
  jaathO bhabhUva sa muni: Kavi saarvabhouma:
GodhE kimadhbhutham idham yadhamI svadhanthE
  VakthrAravindha makarandha nibhA: prabhandhA:

(Meaning): Oh GodhE ! Vedams declare that 
the ant hills are the ear of BhUmi pirAtti .
Since You are the amsam of BhUmi Devi ,
the anthills are also Your ears. The sage ,
who originated from those anthills is Adhi
Kavi VaalmIki. He is saluted as the foremost among 
poets because of his creation of the immaculate
ithihAsam , Srimath RaamAyaNam . Is it any wonder
therfore that the Sri Sookthis that arose from
Your sacred mouth being like the divine nectar 
in their enjoyability ?

Here Swamy Desikan salutes those , who have
the sambhandham with Her.One such sambhandhi is 
Adhi Kavi VaalmIki.The first two lines recognizes
the relationship between the Adhi Kavi, who 
arose out of the ears of BhUmi Devi ( the ant Hills)
and Godhai , who is VasudhAthmanA . Swamy says
that " Valmikatha: SravaNayO : VasudhAthmaNasthE
Jaatho sa muni: " That Muni born out of the anthills,
which are Your ears as the amsam of Vasudhai (Bhumi
Devi) is the meaning of this passage ." Valmikatha:
Jaatha: sa Muni: Kavi Saarvabhouma: BhabhUva" . 
Swamy Desikan points out that sage arising from 
the ant hills became the supreme poet and 
created Srimath RaamAyanam. 

In the second paadham of this slOkam explains 
the reasons for Sage Valmiki becoming a supreme
poet because of his relationship with Godhai
as the amsam of BhU Devi and pays tribute to 
the matchless sweetness of Godhai's own prabhandhams.

Swami says that Sage ValmIki rose out of the ears
of Godhai . If that were to be the reason for his
IthihAsam to be so sweet to enjoy , Swamy asks what
would be the status of the Prabhandhams that arose 
out of the lotus face of Godhai and answers it:

" kimadhbhutham idham yadh-amI svadanthE 
  VakthrAravindha makarantha nibhA: prabhndhA: "

Swamy Desikan answers his own question and
says it is no wonder that the Prabhandhams 
that arose out of the lotus face of Godhai 
are very sweet and delectable. 

Godhai ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Oppiliappan Koil V.Satakopan 

P.S : The Jan 12 , 1997 (Parts I-III ) 
Bhakthi archives has my earlier postings on 
the following ten slOkams of GodhA Sthuthi :

8, 10 ,11 , 17 , 18, 20 ,21 ,24, 25 and 27. 

Hence  I will not add more material on them .

I will post articles over the next few days 
only on the following  12 slOkams with extended
commentaries as a part of this year's Aadi
Pooram celebrations:

9, 12-16, 19,21,22 26 , 28 and 29.

This way , there will be  acomplete set of
articles on all of the 29 slOkams of
Sri GodhA Sthuthi.

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