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Fwd: Re: Reg. funding Srivaishnava causes

From: Lakshmi Srinivas (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 14:11:55 PDT

Dear friends,

My original post was merely a caution to Srivaishnavas
not to take other Srivaishnavas, especially donors,
for granted. It was intended in the spirit of "connAl
virOtamitu Akilum colluvan kENminO". No one in
particular was sought to be singled out, as the
appended correspondence indicates.  

Never mind about sarcasm, polemic, managerial metric
etc especially where none was intended. Any reference
to quality of service or return on investment is at
best, confusing the issue and at worst pious cant.   

The point continues to be, as it was originally, that
if one collects money, one *must* issue receipts

Further correspondence on this thread is something I
consider neither necessary for me nor appropriate to
my dignity. Needless to say, I continue to hold Sri
Sadagopan in the highest regard, both for his age as
well as his spirit of service.

Thanks and Warm Regards,


--- Sadagopan <> wrote:
> Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 09:59:28 -0400 (EDT)
> To: Lakshmi Srinivas <>
> From: Sadagopan <>
> Subject: Re: Reg. funding Srivaishnava causes
> Dear Sri Lakshmi Srinivas:
> Thanks for your fast response.
> Although I can not vouch for all fund raisers ,
> I had to ask to make sure that I was
> not contributing to the problems.
> I vaguely recall your concerns few years ago.
> I hope I had taken care of it then .
> In some kaimkaryams , you are locked up with
> others inview of the larger size of 
> Kaimkaryam . One suffers together .
> I had to write what I had to write 
> to express my views .
> You are most welcome to post
> your private response .
> Best Regards,
> V.Sadagopan
>   At 06:37 AM 7/28/00 -0700, you wrote:
> >Dear Sriman Sadagopan,
> >
> >I am sorry I couldn't reply promptly as I am on the
> >road and therefore with reduced access to email.
> Also
> >I read Bhakti posts at the egroups site, not by way
> of
> >digest or individual emails.
> >
> >It was not anger but like I said anguish that
> prompted
> >me to write. I was asked in several private mails
> by
> >various people incl Mani to identify the good
> >Srivaishnavas concerned but I did not do so. The
> >reason is to highlight a drawback in a process
> which
> >engenders mutual trust based on a 'shared
> >sentimentality'.
> >
> >I have the highest regard for the kainkaryams
> >performed by most of the fund collectors but the
> fact
> >remains that some of them have to get their act
> >together.
> >
> >I do hope this puts my original post in
> perspective.
> >If you permit me, I'd like to post this mail on the
> >list. 
> >
> >Thanks and Warm Regards,
> >
> >LS 
> >
> >
> >--- Sadagopan <> wrote:
> >> Dear Sri Lakshmi Srinivas:
> >> 
> >> Hope I did not contribute anything 
> >> to the cause of your well directed anger .
> >> If so , please  tell me so that I can 
> >> make amends.
> >> Best Regards,
> >> V.Sadagopan 

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