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nAcciyAr tirumozhi XI tAm ugakkum 7

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 11:06:07 PDT

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI ra’ngamannAr tiruvaDigaLE

                           nAcciyAr tirumozhi XI – tAm

pASuram 11.7 (eleventh tirumozhi - pAsuram 7 uNNAdu
uRa’ngAdu )

tam nanmaigaLaiyE eNNugirArE

uNNAdu uRa’ngAdu oli kaDalai UDaRuttu
  peNNAkkai AppuNDu tAm uRRa pEdellAm
tiNNAr madiL SUzh tiru ara’ngac celvanAr
 eNNAdE tammuDaiya nanmaigalE eNNuvarE

A. Meaning from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

azhagiya maNavALan, the Lord of SrIra’ngam which is
protected by strong walls that won’t yield even during
the mahA praLaya, fell in love with a woman, sItA when
He had taken the incarnation as rAma. Being lovelorn,
He spent His time fasting and loosing His sleep over
her.  He had to build a dam over the ocean to cross
lankA.  He has forgotten all the humiliations He went
through for a woman and now thinks only of His
greatness, and keeps torturing me in the process.

B. Additional thoughts from SrI PVP:  

The list of humiliations (tAm uRRa pEdu) is countless.

uNNAdu:  After sIta was separated from Him, there was
no one to feed rAma with great affection, and so He
was not eating well.  If you were to say that
lakshmaNa was there, the answer is “Not so”.   As per
periya tirumozhi 8-10-1, He was mAmalar mangai maNa
nOkkam uDaiyAn – His food was to have sItA in front of
Him, and when she was gone, there was no food for Him.

uRa’ngAdu: He doesn’t sleep either. 

“anidras satatam rAma: suptOpi ca narOttama: |
sItEti madhurAm vANIm vyAharan pratibhudhyatE  ||
(rAmAyaNam sundarakAnDam 36-44)

oli kaDalai UDaRuttu:  When He built the dam across
the ocean, it was after becoming the Sishyan of a
rAkshasa, namely vibhIshaNan, and surrendering to
samudra rAjan under his instructions. 

peNNAkkai AppuNDu: He was so obsessed with the body of
a woman (He was bound to the tirumeni of pirAtti). 
Akkai also denotes a creeper, and so  perumAL who is
the kaRpaga maram is bound by pirATTi who is the
kaRpagak koDi.

tAm uRRa pEdellAm eNNAdE:  He forgot all the
humiliations He went through. 
He who is supposed to have the mental strength
comparable to the Himalaya
Mountain (samudra iva gAmbhIrye dhairyeNa himavAniva –
rAmAyaNam bAlakANDa 1.17), lost all that mental
strength in that state, and does not remember that
either.  He had to resort to help from monkeys and
squirrels, and does not recall that also.

tammuDaiya nanmaigalE eNNuvarE:  He thinks that it is
a sign of His greatness that those who are separated
from Him have to really struggle hard to get Him by
performing nOmbu, falling at the feet of kAman,
playing the kUDal game and sending messengers to Him. 
Forgetting all the sufferings that He went through
when He was separated from sItA, and hot-headed by the
wealth of the ubhaya vibhUti that He has as He is
lying on His snake-bed in tiru ara’ngam, He watches 
the pangs of separation that I am going through, and
thinks that it is a proof of His greatness.

SrI PVP gives the following from another vyAkyAnam:

uNNAdu etc:  “If I am not eating and not sleeping now,
it is because He set an example for me by not sleeping
and not eating when He was separated from His beloved
sItA.  So it is not my fault that I am not able to eat
or sleep being separated from Him; it is all His

Akkai AppuNDu:  “He kept thinking about pirATTi’s
tirumEni and was not able to see her Atma svarUpam and
Atma guNam”.

tAm uRRa: “He was the disciple of the great sage
vasishTha, and could not get over His kAmam and
suffered so much because of it;  what else can be
expected of a brainless girl like me except going
through the suffering that I am going through?  He
even wailed to His own brother of how he was tortured
by the separation from sItA - “only those who are
blessed (to be with their beloved) can enjoy pampA
river’s breeze”
“dhanyA lakshmaNa sEavntE pampO pavana mArutam”
(rAmAyaNam kishkindAkANDam 1-115)

eNNAdE:  “How is He able to forget all His previous
humiliation?  It is the sheer possession of His
immense aiSvaryam of being the Lord of tiru ara’ngam;
nothing else”.

C. Additional thoughts from SrI UV: 

SelvanAr – “He always has pirATTi in His vaksha
sthalam – this was true in His vAmana incarnation, and
it was true in His rAma incarnation also, and it is
true always no matter what His incarnation is.  Still,
He could not be bear the separation of a bodily form
of pirATTi in the form of sItA.  He ended up
surrendering to sugrIva first.  Then the same
vibhIshaNa who first described Him as sarvaloka
SaraNyan directed Him to surrender to samudra rAjan,
and He complied with that.  He fasted for three days
and prayed to samudra rAjan without sleep, and when
samudra rAjan did not comply, He had to resort to all
kinds of efforts such as throwing rocks and stones,
getting angry, building a dam, etc., before claiming
victory.  Such was His desire for a woman at that
time.  Why doesn’t He have the same desire for me now?
 All because He now thinks of His greatness and
nothing else.  May be He thinks that there is no
rAvaNan to take me away, and so He can just lie down
on His snake-bed and have me with no effort

Maybe He will always be unable to bear the separation
from the tirumeni of pirATTi no matter what form she
assumes, because they are both one tattvam together. 
The SAstra declares “eka tattvam ivoditau””.  Or, one
could argue that He might have gone to such a great
length to get back sItA because this was His
responsibility to His kulam.  If it is argued that
this does not mean that He has to be interested in
ANDAL’s tirumeni now, she explains further in the next

D. Additional thoughts from SrI PBA:  “People tell me
that it is unfair for an ordinary human girl like me
to accuse this Almighty emperumAn in these terms.  Let
me tell you all what kind of mEnmai this emperumAn had
in His rAmAvatAam.  He went around and behaved like a
mad person (pEdu), sleepless and hungry, building dams
across the ocean, etc., all because of desire for a
woman.  Is this consistent with His greatness?  And if
the answer is yes, then it is just as fine that He
should now take efforts in my case as well.  It is not
fair that He now thinks that He is great and I have to
suffer to get Him.”

It is interesting to note the different meanings given
for the same word “pEdu” –
SrI PVP calls it “eLimai” (simplicity); SrI PBA calls
it “paittiyam” (madness); SrI UV calls it ”varuttam”

PVP= SrI periyavAccAn piLLai
PBA= SrI prativAdi bhayankaram aNNangarAcAriyAr
UV  = SrI uttamUr vIrarAghavAcAriyAr

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyeti samarpayAmi.

kalyANi kRshNamAcAri

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