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Periya Thirumozhi 9.8- enthai pemmanaar- imaiyavar thalaivar

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sat Jul 29 2000 - 01:54:53 PDT

Dearest sisters and Brothers,
AzhwAr again addresses his mind (nenjam) and asks his mind to come to 
ThirumaalirunchOlai to pay obeisance to Sarva rakshakan; One who grants all 
that we desire and seek- who is Sowlabhyan.

1. Oh my (obedient) mind! At the outset, let me tell this. Do not get swayed 
with the temptation of uniting with those fragrant haired young women and 
leave it. Let us go and pay obeisance to our Swami- the One who has the 
Seven Oceans; Seven mountains and the whole Universe as His sarIram; the 
Lord of ThirumaalirunchOlai, where the water falls from the mountains carry 
along with them the sandal trees, and peacock feathers and are accumulated 

2. Oh foolish mind! (mada nenjE!) The Lord of ThirumalirunchOlai is the 
SarvEshwaran, is the One who has the shining, most resplendent crown on His 
head; One who reclines on ThiruvananthAzhwAn and has His Yoga nithrA; who is 
praised by Nithya sooris and all other people across this whole Universe, 
paying their obeisance to Him with flowers and waters, calling all others, 
“Let us pray to Him at all times and get saved”. This Divya Desam of 
Thirumaliruncholai is where bees sit on most fragrant honey dripping 
“kuRinchi” flowers that bloom in between the bamboo trees. Come; Let us pay 
our obeisance to Him here.

3. Oh mada nenjE! (Foolish mind!) In order to do great upakaram to us to get 
rid of these samsaaric afflictions, He had created this earth (so that we 
can do our karmanushtAnams, in accordance with saasthras, realize Him and 
attain Him) due to His parama krupai, so that today we can stand and praise 
Him. Also, He is One who had appeared as Vaamanan and took huge Trivikrama 
avtaar and let the whole Earth obtain the Divine touch from His Lotus Feet. 
That Emperumaan, who is our Swami is here at ThirumaalirunchOlai, where 
gypsies use the “vEngai” trees for measuring the passage of time (as these 
trees bloom flowers once in a year), and the small shining “maNi” that they 
aim from their hands shed and spread light everywhere. Come; Let us pay our 
obeisance to Him here.

4. mada nenjE! Emperumaan, who had sucked the cunning Poothanai’s breastmilk 
and killed her; who killed the completely non-feminine Thaatakai with fiery 
arrows; resides here at ThirumalirunchOlai, where tall ‘vEngai trees and 
“kOngu trees, between which kuRinchi flowers bloom with honey flooding 
everywhere, Come let us pay our obeisance to Him here.

5. mada nenjE! I will never bow down – said rAvaNana and fought with the 
Lord. He had all his ten strong heads worn with gem-bedecked crowns, thrown 
onto the ground by Emperumaan. RAvaNan’s remaining part of the body appeared 
to have been in trance, danced in the battlefield, by Emperumaan. This 
Emperumaan resides in ThirumaalirunchOlai, where the tall bamboo tree 
braches move with the wind and pierce the honeycomb and floods the whole 
area with honey. Come; Let us pay our obeisance to Him here.

6. mada nenjamE! (Foolish mind!) AdhisEshan -the one who exhales poison on 
enemies (who do not have love and bhakti for the Lord) is the bed of our 
Swami- Emperumaan, who reclines on the Milky Ocean; who threw the 
dhEnukaasuran (the calf) at the “viLAmpazha” tree to kill him; who danced 
having pot in His Hand with women; - Such most wonderful Emperumaan is here 
at ThirumalirunchOlai, where the clouds immerse themselves in the dark 
ocean, drink the waters, and roar with huge thunders in the sky, appearing 
as if they are dark huge elephants standing on the mountains, the sight of 
which scares the lions that roar with fear. (What a poetic imagination by 
ThirumangaiAzhwAr!) Come; Let us pay our obeisance to Him here.

7. Emperumaan- who threw the asuran (in whose form dhEnukAsuran appeared) at 
the tree thereby killing him, - who is of the divine Beautiful form of dark, 
vast ocean like form, is here permanenetly residing at ThirumalirunchOlai, 
where tall gardens touch the sky, and honey dripping from these trees aare 
drunk by beautiful deer. Come; Let us pay our obeisance to Him here.

8. mada nenjE! The waves appear to touch even the clouds- in this milky 
ocean, on top of which Emperumaan reclines on ThiruvananthAzhwAn and has His 
Yoga nithrA; One who removed the cruel anger of the horse;- the One who 
appears always as the waters to quench anyone’s thirst, when one sees Him; 
One who is of the dark cloud form. He is here at ThirumalirunchOlai, where 
the (madha jalam) waters fall trickling down the heads of huge male angry 
elephants and bees drink those waters. Come; Let us pay our obeisance to Him 

9. Foolish mind! Unintelligent Jains and Buddhists, et al (pundhi il 
samaNar, buddhar enRu ivargaL- otthana pEsavum uganthittu”) speak their own 
statements (against Vedic truths, misinterpreting them), and Emperumaan 
ignoring all these religions, (relish being with His devotees who hold onto 
His Feet, with an unflinching faith), who is Chief and Nathan for me and all 
my ancestors too, who is the Chief of Nithyasooris, who resides here at 
ThirumalirunchOlai permanently, where tribal women folks staying under the 
shadow of those sandal trees, come to this temple and utter few manthras 
praising this Lord, to be blessed with wedlock. Come; Let us pay our 
obeisance to Him here.

10. Kaliyan, one who rules Thiruvaali naadu; who has large sharp spear in 
his hand; who has the nature of bowing down to the devotees and servants of 
maNi vaNNan -Emperuman of ThirumalirunchOlai, surrounded by fertile gardens, 
composed this ten and those who recite this ten written in chaste Tamil will 
be blessed to rule this earth surrounded by oceans.

Thirumangai  AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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