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Re: addr: M. S. Hari

From: R. Narasimhan (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 19:16:49 PDT

dear BhAgavathAs,
adiyEn has been watching Sri M S Hari's comments (some
of them quite uncalled for)on the original posting on
Kuzhalosai, his questioning and doubting the efficacy
and authenticity of nAdOpAsanA as a means towards
prapatti and adiyEn was wondering why nobody is taking
up the issue strongly for nAdOpAsanA except one or two
postings. Sri Sheshadri's posting finally made me join
the issue.
there can be absolutely no doubt that nAdOpAsanA is
one of the easiest and surest means to lead one
towards prapatti. only a person who has not
experienced it can have doubts on this. adiyEn can
quote extensively from sadguru tyagaraja's
compositions like sangeeta gnAnamu, mOkshamu galadA,
shobillu shabtaswara etc. to support this viewpoint.
but adiyEn is afraid that the response may be
something on the lines that tyAgarajA was born as an
advaiti and what does he know about srivaishnavism, or
where is it stated in the srutis. well, saint
tyagarajA, UthukkAdu venkatasubbier and the likes were
born in advaiti families, but they were as much
srivaishnavites as anyone of us can ever be. casting
aspersions on their nAdOpAsanA is blasphemy to my
mind. it is something even sriman nArAyaNA will not
forgive and certainly tantamounts to bhAgavatha
apachAram of the highest order. if somebody were to
say that nAdOpAsanA will not lead to prapatti, adiyEn
does not want that kind of prapatti. if someone were
to say that tyAgarAjA or UthukkAdu or purandaradAsA's
nAdOpAsanA will not lead to mOkshA, adiyEn does not
aspire that kind of mOkshA. everytime we who believe
in nAdOpasanA hear a kriti like 'entharO mahAnubhAvulu
anthariki vandanamulu' or 'enna thavam seythanai
yasodA' (both composed by advaitis, by the way!) or
'krishnA nee beganE bArO', tears fill up our eyes. (my
eyes are moist as adiyEn types this). if this kind of
nAdOpasanA is not Bhakti then what is?
adiyEn is not a scholar like sri hari. but adiyEn
knows one thing certainly. Our Bhagavan has clearly
stated in His Gita that those who have acquired
theoretical knowledge of the shAstrAs and vedAs etc.
are not necessarily dear to Me. That person is dear to
Me who has placed his mind on Me. adiyEn is very clear
that nAdOpAsanA within seconds places my mind, body
and soul at His lotus feet. this to my immature mind
is the most practical way of seeking refuge at His
feet  , even if a thousand Haris were to tell me that
it is not sanctioned by the scriptures.
may the learned bhAgavathAs pardon adiyEn for any
erroneous thought!
adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan narasimhan

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