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addr: M. S. Hari

From: Sheshadri Ranganathan (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 11:42:36 PDT

Dear Shree M.S. Hari,
                    It is understandable that you are on a mission to make
your understanding very clear to everyone on the Bhakthi list and
the Sri Vaishanava people, as such.

Though I belong to the Swayam Acharya Sampridaayam, I take strong objections
to your belittling remarks about what appeared on Sri Ranganatha Paduka.
If I remember well, it was you who were "Vociferous" about BHAAGAVATHA
APACHARA (reference Bhakthi archives). And 'Condemning' the verse and
calling it 'careless translation' sounds too immature for a person like you,
if your main intention is to spread "Srivaishnavism"

Every Paurusheya(some years later) or Apaurusheya work has always had
different interpretations. That is how the Sri Bhashyam and other
commentaries on commentaries came into being.

We might want to seek a clarification from the author of that piece of
article than having to interpret it to our convenience in order to uplift
our own image in the forum.

And let's not forget that all these magazines(Sri Ranganatha Paduka,
Narasimha Priya et al) are very sentimental to the Shishyas of various
THE MASSES. And one isnt superior to the other..they all mean good!!

And the main intention of Sri Ramanuja I thought was to show us the "Bhakthi
marga" than having to fight out with the texts. He used the texts to
convince 'outsiders'. For Bhakthas there was always their Acharya's
Thiruvadi and the Guru Parmapara and Prapatthi/Bharanyasa where I meekly
surrender and transfer all the "bhArA" to my Acharya-Lord. And I must lead a
SAATHVIC life full of Bhakthi and devoid of any "ahamkaara" so there will be
no "Bhaagavatha apachara"


Dear Shree M.G. Vasudevan,
(this is a lengthy mail-please read it fully)
I have not responded to the recent posting by you quoting a "quotable quote"
for a magazine Sri Ranganaatha paadhukaa [SRP] vikrama aadi issue because, I
had not seen the context in which the quote occurs in it. Now I have got the
context of the same. I would like to strongly refute it and condemn the
presentation of the verse with careless translation in that magazine. I
the knowledge of the person who translated the verse in that magazine.
note the following points.

Any authored work cannot be taken as Pramaanam. It can be accepted only if
is fully based on the Apourusheya Sruthi (Veda). If any authored work
contradicts the Sruthi, it has to be understood and synchronised with the
meaning of the Veda such that there is no deviation of its meaning from the
purport of Sruthi in that context. If it is not possible to do so, then the
authored work has to be rejected as non-authoritative.


Thus I conclude that the "Veena Vaadanam", "Knowledge in Music",
"Naadopaasanam" etc., are not in any way to be considered equal to Bhakthi
Prapathi. Prejudices get shattered to pieces before Pramaanams.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Ramanuja Daasan.

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