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Reg: Response to my posting of 27.7.2000

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 08:05:12 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,

With reference to my posting of 27.7.2000 on funding of srivaishnava causes, 
I have received spontaneous and overwhelming responses, for which I am 
grateful to all the members.

The members have given a feedback as follows:
1) There has been unanimous appreciation of the spirit and purpose of my 
2) Some have expressed reservations on the products offered. (I have already 
clarified that any substitution or alteration is always possible.)
3) A few have suggested that I need to put up a good e-commerce site with 
banner links to bhakthi and similar other sites.There have also been offers 
to help design such a site.
4) Some have expressed appreciation of the fact that giving "value for 
money" would save tremendous embarassment to the fund raisers.Since this 
would cover a larger cross section of people (including non vaishnavas), 
this is indeed worth the effort.
5) Some have suggested the creation of a nodal point in India which would 
ensure/certify end use of funds so that comfort levels in the minds of the 
donors are created.(In this connection I wish to assure SVSS that the 
donations forwarded by them as when recieved, would be personally handed 
over by me to the Thoopul Trust people and an effort made to obtain and 
forward the following: a)Undertaking from the trust people that the funds 
would be invested in FD. b) Undertaking that the interest proceeds would be 
used for Nithya Aradhanam. c) 80G receipt would be forwarded to SVSS & d)A 
xerox of the FD receipt would be forwarded to the SVSS people.)
6) Some members have expressed a desire to donate on a monthly basis.

I once again express my gratefulness to all members. Howmuch of the initial 
enthusiasm transalates into tangible benefit for the Darshanam is to be 



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