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Request for contributions from Embar Jeeyar Mutt, Sriperumbudur

From: Deepak Kumar Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 21:57:57 PDT

Dear Bhaktas,

The 166th Birthday of His Holiness Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar, founder 
of Embar Jeeyar Mutt is to be celebrated this year for five days from 
19-8-2000 to 23-8-2000. That is Avani Rohini, which also coincides 
with Janmastami. Besides this, the 85th birthday of His Holiness 
Appan Vishnujit Ramanuja Embar Jeeyar, the present Jeeyar, also falls 
on 21-8-2000. It is proposed to celebrate the days in the mutt as 
usual with Sevakalam, Thathiaradhanam, etc. for which generous 
contributions are requested. 

The mutt building which appears to have been constructed around 
1860's, is in a dilapidated condition and requires immediate
to renovate. The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 3 Lacs. 
Generous contribution from all devotees is kindly requested. All 
devotees visiting Sriperumbudur are requested to visit the mutt. 

All checks/ DD/ Money Order may be sent to:

Sri Embar Jeeyar Math
30, M.M. Koil Street,
Kanchipuram District
Tamilnadu - 602105

Ph: 91-4111-32331
91332331 (CHENNAI LOCAL)

Brief history of Sri Embar Jeeyar Mutt: 

born to Sri Raghavachariar and Janakiammal at Kapyamur near 
Thirukkovalur and was named as Krishnamacharyar. After upanayanam at 
the age of 5, he was given the basic vedic education and he mastered 
all the SAstras. He refused to get married as he wanted to devote his 
life serving the disciples of Sri Ramanuja.

Sri Raghavacharyar Swami of Sholingar Sandamarudam Thodacharyar
came to Kapyamur and our Krishnamacharyar got pancha samkAram from
Raghavacharyar and became his disciple. Our Krishnamacharyar was 
presented with a Balaji idol and the same is now in the mutt. Later 
our Krishnamacharyar went to Thirumala and got sannyAsam from His 
Holiness The Periya Jeeyar of Thirumala and was named as Thiruvekata 
Satakopa Ramanuja EmbAr Jeeyar swAmI and came to SrIperumbudUr to 
serve SrI rAmAnuja.

With the help of Sri Nathamuni Seshadri Iyengar of Veeranarayanapuram 
(kAttumannAr kOil), our embAr Jeeyar swami built the present embAr 
jeeyar mutt. Embaar Jeeyar swami organised several remarkable 
devotional activities in the temple of Sri Ramanuja and organised and 
streamlined the Gurupushya festival and Chitthirai festival in the 
temple of Sri Ramanuja. Our embAr Jeeyar swAmi attained the lotus 
feet of Sri ramanuja in the year 1883 at Sriperumbudur itself. Since 
the inception of embAr Jeeyar mutt, the successive Jeeyar swamis have 
been performing Sri Vaishnava samArAdhanam or offering prasAdam
to Sri Vaishnavas, especially the Divya prabandha chanters, during 
Chitthirai festival. Till date, this has been done successfully every 

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan B.E.

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