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Re: FW: Reg: Funding of Srivaishnava Causes

From: R. Narasimhan (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 20:11:38 PDT

dear bhAgavathAs,
 regarding the point made by sri sriram ranganathan
 adiyEn would like to add the following:
 yes, we all do such acts in the course of our work,
 'in the assembly line at some point or other' as he
 has put it. In such a situation follow what Bahgawan
 says in the GitA: "do your duty in a steadfast manner
 WITHOUT thinking of the fruits thereof. Dedicate
 acts to Me. Then like the droplets of water on a
 leaf, no sin will adhere to you."
 Think of the job of an executioner. He has to perform
 his duty which involves hanging a criminal.
 no sin will adhere to him, if he does that act in the
 above manner. After all, somebody has to be the
 executioner as well. And remember, both the
 executioner and the executed are Him. The very act of
 execution is Him. The secret lies in not thinking
 for a moment that you are the doer. Do what your
 instinct tells you to.Rest you leave it to Him.
 adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan narasimhan
> --- Sriram Ranganathan <>
> wrote:
We all use
> > products manufactured through questionable
> > practices, at some point in the
> > assembly line.
> > 
> > The general argument is as long as we do not
> > the 'sin' ourselves or
> > 'promote' the same, it is okay. We manage to
> > practice the former part, but
> > for the latter I doubt it, except maybe in a few
> > instances. 

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