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GodhA Sthuthi: Part VIII: SlOakm 5

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 13:25:34 PDT

Namo Narayanaaya !

Dear BhakthAs:

In the Fourth slOkam , Swami Desikan referred 
to the many ThuRaikaLs by which we can descend 
down to enter the cool waters (Prabhandhams )of
Godhai and quench our samsAric thApams (sufferings).
In the fifth slOkam , Swamy delves deeper into the
miracle of Godhai's KatAksham , which enables even
great sinners to receive the anugrahm of Her Lord.
He reveals the two approaches that Godhai takes 
to win Her Lord to our side . 

Fifth SlOkam :

asmAdhrusAM apakruthou chira dhIkshithAnAm
  ahnAya Devi dhayathE yadhasou Mukundha:
Tanniscchitham niyamithstava MouLidhAmnA
  tanthrI ninAdha madhuraisccha girAm nigumbhai: 

(Meaning): Oh GodhE ! We are well known for
Saasthra Ullankanam ( trespassing the Saasthraic
injunctions of Your Lord, who is SaasthrapANi).
We offend Him and generate His anger at us. It appears
that we have this long term vow not to obey His
Saasthrams and thereby generate heaps of Bhagavath
and BhAgavatha apachArams .Your Lord forgives even
us with such abundant bundles of ancient paapams . When we 
reflect on why our Lord suddenly blesses us inspite of
our powerful offenses, two reasons for His transformation 
--from erstwhile nigraham to the present anugraham state-- 
become clear.  The twin reasons are: (1) He is under 
Your spell as a result of the way in which You have bound
Him with Your  flower garlands that You Yourself have
worn first as Soodikkoduttha NaacchiyAr (2)Further , Your 
eulogy of Him with Your  sweet prabhandhams holds Him
tightly in Your grip; when He hears Your delectable Vaak ,
which are like the captivating naadham arising from 
the VeeNA strings , He has no way to free Himself from
Your spell. Therefore , He accepts Your appeals on our
behalf and forgives us for our trespasses. This for Sure!  

The tribute here is to Godhai as PoomAlai Soodikkoduttha
NaacchiyAr and PaamAlai paadikkoduttha NaacchiyAr .

First Paadham: asmAthdhrusAm apakruthou chira DhIkshithAnAm

Here, Swami Desikan refers himself as belonging to
the assembly of those , who abandon kruthya-KaraNam 
and devoutly relish in perfoming akruthya-KaraNam .
SevA Swamigal comments that Kruthis (actions) are of 
two kinds:apakruthi(unfavorable ones ) and Upakruthi
(Favorable Ones recommended by the SaasthrAs). Apakruthi
is PrAthikoolyam and has to belong to the catgory of
varjanam ( to be avoided); Upakruthi is Aanukoolyam
and has to be sought after. Swamy has us in mind and 
says that "asmAdhrusAm apakruthou chira DhIkshithAnAm".
For people like us apakruthi is the most natural one
to practise and we have been experts in the performance
of apakruthis for long , long times. Our taste for
akruthya KaraNam is deep . It appears that we have taken
a DhIkshA (vow) to perform ceaselessly all the acts
prohibited by the SaasthrAs.We are not only DhIkshithALs 
in this regard , but "chira DhIkshithALs" ( vowed to
do apakruthis over aeons).The end is not in sight for
our apakruthis and that angers our Lord.

Second Paadham: ahnAya Devi dhayathE yadhasou Mukundha:

That angry Lord disgusted over our repeated
offenses suddenly shows His dayA to us. That 
happens over the time period of one morning
(AhnAya dayathE).His shower of DayA engulfs us.
Here Swamy Desikan , who has been addressing 
the daughter of VishNuchitthA as "GodhE" until
now switches and addresses Her as " Devi". 
Seva SwamigaL points out that Swamy Desikan
wants to hint at Her Leela Rasa Pushti 
(strength of Her as BhOga Moorthy for her Lord).
The Lord of Hers , who showers the DayA on
the offenders is addressed as "Mukundhan".
He is the one , who has been defined as
the conferrer of Mukthi and Sukham in this
world ( Mum cha Kum cha DhadhAthi ithi Mukundha:).
The One who had turned His face away from us in
disgust over our incorrigible nature suddenly looks
at us with compassion and blesses us. That is a miracle 
made possible by the power of Godhai, His Devi.

Third Paadham: Tanniscchitham niyamitha: tava MouLi dhAmnA

This is for sure ( Tanniscchitham)! He has been 
bound by the flower garland that GodhA had worn
earlier on her tresses.Under that influence,
Mukundhan is helpless and obeys Her commands 
without resistance.DhAmnA means the rope. She
had the garland tied on Her head ; the One who 
got tied next with that fragrant and enchanting
"rope" is Mukundhan. Our Lord , who is the SarvaLoka
NiyanthA (Commander) has now been bound by Godhai
and is helpless. 

Fourth paadham: TanthrI ninAdha Madhuraisccha girAm nigumbhai:
The Lord was also tied by another factor : The sweet
naadham of Goddhai's Vaak sounding like the melodious
Naadham arising from the strings of the VeeNA tied Him down
further. He( Sarva Loka NiyanthA) became niyamithah
by the power of the assembly of Vaak (girAm nigumbhai:) 
arising from Godhai.Seva SwamigaL poins out the Use of
NishAdha Sabdham (Svaram) thrice by Swami Desikan
in the third and the fourth Paadhams of this slOkam:
Niscchitham, Niyamitham , NinAdham and Nighmubhai:
NishAdham has close ties to Veda Naadham .Godhai's 
Vaak is the essence of VedAs. 

ANDAL ThiruvadigaLE saraNam ,
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan  


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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