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Reg: Funding of Srivaishanava Causes

From: lakshminarayan krishnaswamy (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 08:40:50 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,

Inresponse to my above posting, it was pointed out to me by well meaning 
bhakthas that dealing in "Non-Satvik" products like leather should be 
avoided, even if it is meant for a laudable cause.

I appreciate the sentiments of all these bhakthas. But I also very firmly 
believe that what we are in life is WHAT HE WANTS US TO BE. Otherwise how 
can you explain the fact that while I was a credit analyst for 23 years, 
suddenly threw up my job and started dealing a range of promotional products 
"including leather items".It is my endeavour to be a Srivaishnava "Manasa, 
Vacha, Karmana", which is what I can aspire for at this point of time.

Now if the members have objection to leather products, I can offer a very 
wide range of non leather products also. Incase any specific products would 
help them makeup their mind, I am willing to send across my product brochure 
against specific request.

My idea was to get going with what little we can do for the darshanam.I once 
again request the earnest co-operation of all members.


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