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Re: Reg: Funding of Srivaishnava Causes

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 22:49:08 PDT

> If the Bhakthas would permit me I would like to place the following for 
> their consideration:
> I am in the  business of corporate promotions. I feel that there are a few 
> products which could be of use to members personally, viz:
>  1) Leather Wallets, 2) Leather Executive Bags, 3) Leather Laptop Bags, 4) 
>     Leather Business Planners,  ...

Though your ideas are well-intentioned, we should try at all costs 
to avoid trading in leather and other products which come at the cost
of the merciless slaughter of cows and other animals.  As we are all
aware, the end does not justify the means.

"gO-brAhmaNEbhyaH Subham astu nityam"

aDiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan

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