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Re: Divya Desams Effort Clarification

From: Gopan (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 12:12:40 PDT

Dear Srimathi Satyan : I am delighted to know that SVSS
will be sending  a check  to support the Nithya AarAdhanam for
Sri Deepa PrakAsan this weekend . Please  accept  a small contribution from
me to add to this kaimkaryam .The check is being sent to you today .
It is a great Bhaagyam to support the AarAdhanam at this  temple ,
where ThUppul Kula MaNi worshipped and composed the SaraNAgathi
Deepikai  for our benefit  .

Sri Varadhan's initiative to address the needs at the various Dhivya dEsams
in cooperation with Sri Madhava Bhattar of ThirukkOshtiUr is most laudable .
It is my pleasure to thank  you for  your untiring efforts on behalf of SVSS
committee and Sri Varahdan for his innovative design to support many
dhivya desam projects in a systematic manner .

Without that  kind of effort linking structure to strategy , all of our good
to support the many projects for the Sri VaishNavite community would only
yield sub-optimal results.

Sri Varadhan : I would like to support the dhivya dEsam of ThiruveLLiyankudi
to start with .

Sri Varadhan and Srimathi Satyan : I have recorded a  set of four audio tapes on

Pancha Raama KshEthrams , which covers the anubhavam of the AzhwArs on
these KshEthrams ( ThiruveLLUr , ThiruveLLiyankudi, PuLLambhUthamkudi , AyOdhyA
and the JatAyu Kshethram presided over by Sri VijayarAghavan near Kaanchi).
The second section of the fourth tape series contains the krithis on Sri
composed by Saint ThyagarAjA and rendered by musical giants like Ariyakkudi ,
Semmangudi , Musiri and others . This tape ends thus with a musical tribute to
Sri Raamachandran . The individual paasurams are recited there and the
anubhavams of
AzhwArs at these 5 dhivya desams are elaborated upon .

Both of you are welcome to use these tapes and raise some funds for your
projects from the marketing of these tapes.

In a similar vein , The AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM in both Vadakalai
and TennAchAchArya versions is available to you from both Sriman Alwar
and myself for marketing and using the funds geenerated to support the SVSS
and the dhivya dEsam projects. Our goal is to disseminate the kula dhanams
left for us by Bhagavath RaamAnujA .

When we complete the current project on the creation of the CD ROM on
the Lives and works of the 12 AzhwArs and the 108 dhivya desams that they
sung about , both Sriman Alwar and myself will be happy to consider some
arrangements to deflect a portion of the revenue from the marketing of
that CD ROM as well .By the way , the above CD ROM project is
progressing well.

With Best wishes for success in all of your efforts,
Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari .Satakopan wrote:

> I read the recent postings by Varadhan of Denver informing about his
> projects. Glad to learn about his plans and the responses.
> Those of you who had asked about Villaku Oli Perumal Koil, please note the
> following.
> This is one of the projects being coordinated through Sree Vaishnava Seva
> Samithi (SVSS).  Sri K. Lakshminarayan of Bangalore has kindly volunteered
> to be SVSS focal point for this trust. He personally collected the relevant
> trust and tax exempt documents during his visit to Thoopul and has mailed
> them to SVSS. This weekend we will be mailing him a check towards Sri
> Vilakoli Perumal Thoopul Vedantha Desikar Charities Trust. Anyone interested
> in supporting this project and to ensure that the basic nitya aradhana is
> performed for  the Great Srivaishnava Acharya Swami Desikan, please contact
> me at
> There is link from SVSS to the homepage Sri Vilakoli Perumal refered to by
> Sri Narasimhan.
> Please visit SVSS homepage at
> Regards, Nagu Satyan
> Ms. Nagu Satyan
> Manager, Material Science and Production Engineering
> Lockheed Martin Space Systems
> Denver, Colorado
> 303-977-1342
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