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Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 09:28:51 PDT

Thiruvengada jeeyar Thiruvadigale saranam.

SrI rukmiNI samEta pArthasArathi parabrahmaNE namah.

Dear Bhagavatas,


I have visited Thiruninravur recently. This is my second visit. Previous one
was in Sept99.

As most of us know, Thiruniravur is one of the 108 Srivaishnava Divyadesams.
The presiding deity is Bhaktavatsala perumAL and His consort is "ennai pettha
thAyAr" or "matsavitrI"(my Mother).

This is a very peaceful place and the resident Srivaishnavas are very good

The temple is a government temple and asmadAchAryan His Holiness Thirupathi
Pedda jeeyar swamivaru is the permanent trustee of the temple. The matam
supports the divya prabandhAdhyayanam during every year Brahmostavam.

his Holiness gOvinda Jeeyar swami varu, previous Ramanujacharya of
has done the jIrNOddharaNam of the temple.

This beautiful temple is not in a good condition due to lack of funds and I
have noticed that things have worsened since my first visit.

Following things are to be done very urgently:

1. Temple car is collapsed and has to be rebuilt - around 20 lakhs.

2.Rajagopuram is to be renovated after major repairs

3.Funds are needed for conducting the monthly thiurnakshatrams of ALwArs and
AchAryas. Nowadays they are not celebrated in the temple.

4.Pallavotsavam - a festival related to the AvirbhAvam of the temple is not
celebrated and funds are needed to support this kainkaryam as well.

Kindly send your cheques/DDs to:

Executive Officer
Bhaktavatsala Perumal Temple
Thiruvallur Dist.
India - 602024

Needless to say that u will receive proper receipt for your donations and tax
exemption is there.

Please convey to your Hindu friends in US that a Vishnu temple in South India
has to be renovated and encourage them to send money to the temple.

Thanking you
Your humble servant
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