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Re: [Re: Doubt on Thridandi Sanyasi]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 07:33:25 PDT

Dear Shree Mani Varadarajan,

You have written :
"{I realize that Sri Puttur Krishnaswamy Iyengar and others
are vociferous in their statements about ancient Tamil society,
but such assertions need to be backed up by evidence, properly 
understood in context. (Believe me, I would like what you
write to be true myself -- but it is just not convincing)}"

I very much appreciate your open statement and your thought that
unless and until statements are backed up by evidence, it cannot
be accepted and further logic is involved in it for properly
understanding. But as I am also a student of Sri Puttur Krishnaswamy
Iyengar, I consider the term "vociferous" that you have used has
disturbed me a bit. Otherwise also, it is so.

I would like to add few points regarding the ancient tamil society.
1. The ancient tamil society was having only Parama Vaidika Matham
which is Visishtadvaita Shree Vaishnavam only. If you read the
book publised by the Swamy on "Paripaadal", you may understand that
the Swamy has not told it as "vociferous" but only with Pramaanams
from Sruti, smruthies. Also it can be argued that the same tamil
has not told that "tridandi sanyaasi is anti-vaishnava". Therefore,
as there is no such "nishedam", it can be taken to be understood that
"tridandi sanyaasi is only a parama-vaidika"

2. The "Paripaadal" though is a most ancient literature available
in Tamil history, it is not just to be consiered as mere poetry.
It has talked about the religion and philosophy of ancient Tamil
and it clearly proves that the ancient tamil was Shree Vaishnavam.

3. The "Tirukural" has clearly talked about "Visistadvaita Shree
Vaishnavam" explicitly. This point is just to substantiate the
above argument and also please note that it is called "Tamil Podu Marai".

4. The tamil as well as others have considered only "Nalairya Divya
Prabandam" as "Marai" on the other hand, something else is only
considered as "Murai".

5. Though the "Paripaadal" talkes about demi-gods also, it is to be 
noted what is told by it regarding the demi-gods and about Tirumaal.
It has clearly told that only "Tirumaal" (Vishnu) is the Paratatvam. It has
not recognised any other divinity as such. I accept that other
religions would have been in existence but when we consider the
available "Paripaadal", it is enough to ascertain as it is ascertained
by Swamy Sri Puttur Krishnaswamy Iyengar with Pramaanams.

Your reply would be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Ramanuja Daasan.

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