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Sri Hayagriva Jayanti

From: Rajeev Karamchedu (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 05:37:20 PDT

Sri Gurubhyo Nama:


Sri Hayagriva Jayanti, according to some calendars
is falling on August 14th, 2000, a day before the
Yajur upAkarma (aka jandhyAla pournami). I was wondering
if the learned ones here can help me find answers to some
of my questions.

1) Could someone provide me with the thirunakshatram and thithi details of 
Sri Hayagriva avatAra? I am interested in obtaining the thithi and nakshtram 
timings for Eastern US (as the calendar I have is
from India)

2) What is the format of puja/arAdhana for this particular
day? Sri Parakala Matham Sishyas may be more familiar with this and
I will be grateful if they can share this info with me. I am interested in 
finding out the stotram/pAsurams that are chanted in the mathams for Sri 
Hayagriva Jayanti.

A few friends of us are planning to get together on August 20 (tentative) in 
order to celebrate Sri Hayagriva Jayanti (aka Sri Hayagriva Utpatti) AND Sri 
Jayanti which is falling on August 23.
We would like to follow the Sri Parakala Matha sAmpradAyam of puja
for Sri Hayagriva Jayanti.

Any information is much appreciated.

Thank you

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