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Divya Prabandham in English

From: Bala Sundaram (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 02:49:34 PDT

Adiyen wishes to bring to the attention of this satsangam the publication of 
a translation of Divya Prabandham in English. The tranlation has been made 
by Sri Srirama Bharti of Chennai. It is also availble from him at the 
following address:
  Sri Srirama Bharati, Director, Sri Sadagopan Tirunarayana Swami Prabandha 
Pathasala, Medavakkam Post, Chennai 601 302. Tel 044-246 0527.

Sri Bharati was a deputy director of Doordarshan(TV). He does kainkaryam at 
the Sri Muddhu Tirunaryana Swami temple in Jalladayan Pettai, Chennai. He is 
also an Araiyar and published a book in English on the subject recently.

The book has about 800 pages with both the Tamil and English versions of the 
pasurams. It is printed on "bible paper" and is well bound. The production 
qualities of the book are very good. The book was released on 12th July 2000 
, the thirunakshathiram of Sri Nathamuni at the avathara sthalam of Sri 
Nathamuni,  near Kattumannar Koil, Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu. On the 
same evening, there was an Araiyar Sevai by Sri Srirama Bharati at Sri 
Sarangapani Temple, Kumbakonam.


D Balasundaram Ramanuja dasan
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