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Re: [Doubt]

From: Narasimhan Ananth (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 22:26:00 PDT

Respected SriVaishnavas:

I am a new entrant to the Bhakti List. I am a software entrepreneur and
run a
company called 'Fusion Software Engg Pvt Ltd'( and we
also have a sister concern, Ramsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
( based at
Bangalore, India. I started these companies with two other partners 15
ago. I have keen interest in our tradition and philosophy and hence
chose to become a member of this esteemed group.

I have some information on the second point. Sriman Nigamanta Maha
says in his 'Acchyutha Shatakam' a sloka:
na khalu tava sadrshabhyadhikaha natha tvamEva sarva lOka sharanyaha
etAvat gnyAna sAramiti gnyAtum tridashanAtha itara vichintA ||

Here he says that there is no one equal or surpassing you and to know
that this
is the essence of all gnyAna, Hey Lord, we do all other study/learning.
(kindly excuse me for any mistakes in the translation or language, I am
really used to this)

I think it is to make it absolutely clear that he is the greatest it is
said that HE has no equals or anyone greater than HIM.

Narasimha dAsan

PS:We (I and my wife, Usha) have hosted a site for Swamy Thupul Desikan
to collect donations for Nitya Kainkaryam etc. The address is You may kindly take a look and please
send me any suggestions. Due to our pre-occupations, we have not
done a great job but trying to slowly do whatever possible.

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