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Re: Doubt on Thridandi Sanyasi

From: K.Parakalan (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 21:09:58 PDT

Ekathandi Sanyasi is an Advaithin , Thridandi Sanyasi is a  Visishtadvaithi
..The religion of the Tamils  was SriVaishnavism and Tholkappiyar(of
Tholkappiyam - the earliest book known in Tamil today ) has described in a
Sutra "Noole Karagam Mukkol mannaye ayun kalai anthaNarkuriya and there is a
thurai in Grammatical parlance called " Mukkol pagavarai Vinavum thurai" in
this section the eloped lovers will be blessed by the Thridandi Sanyasi and
the Sanyasi in return will advice the chasing mother -stating that her
daughter has gone to the right place with the right person described here
with a simile
stating that the sandalwood grown in the forest does not belong to the
forest but to the person who smears , the pearl though born in the sea does
not belong to it but to who wears it .Like that the girl born to you does
not belong to you but to belongs to the person with whom she has gone .This
piece of advice satisfies the mother and she returns home.This thurai is
famous in Palai thiNai  .This practice of the poets writing poems prove that
Ekathandi were not existence and if at all they were in existence ,
Tholkappiyar who was a neutral person would have told about their lifestyle
NOT stay in one location for more than 1 night and should be in Sanjaram
always , the exception being the CHATURMASYA VRATHA .EKATHANDIS will not
wear the Poonool (SACRED THREAD) and they would have their head shaven
 they will not sport a tuft -kudumi) as opposed to the thrithandis who will
have both kudumi and poonool.Thridandi sanyasi can become a sanyasi after
having enjoyed Grihasthashrama and Bala Sanyasins are not permitted .

Adiyen Sri Vaishnava Sri A.Krishnamachari

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Subject: Doubt

> Dear SreeVaishavas,
> I have a series of doubts.Could anyone help me out in
> clearing them.
> 1.Why do we perform Tharpanam even for Prapannas.Alwar
> in His Thiruvaimozhi says "Maramannal
> Vaikuntham Koddukum Piran" .
> 2.My second doubt is regarding the Verse "Othaar
> MiKaarai Ellaiyaya Maamaya". When Alwar says
> Emberuman doesn't have anyone equalising(OtHaar) Him
> it is obvious that no one is above him.Then why he
> agains puts the phrase Mikkaar.
> 3. What is the difference between Ekathandi and
> Thrithandi Sanyasis.
> Kindly Forgive me if i'm wrong
> Adiyen
> Lakshmi.
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