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From: K.Parakalan (
Date: Mon Jul 24 2000 - 20:40:55 PDT

Dear Members ,

Clarification regarding performance of Tharppanas .

Even though all prapannas are entitled to enter  Sri Vaikuntham with the grace of
their Acharya ,their descendants don't know the real path of the departed
soul due to praraptha karma .They may again travel in the doomathi
gathi -marga leading to hell WHERE THE DEPARTED soul needs the oblations of
their descendants to quench their thirst and receive the food offered in
the Homams .It has been ordained in the sasthras that one should perform all
the karmas laid down by our ancestors as prescribed in the Vedas as per
their Varnashramas.Prapanna is not an exception .FINALLY a word of caution .
All who receive Panchasamskara are not real prapannas .One WHO performs
Heart &Soul service to the Lord and HIS adiyars without expecting anything
in return alone is a real prapanna .Today most of us are Lokayathas
(materialistic) and hence do not fit into the real meaning of the word  prapannas.

Adiyen SriVaishnava Sri A.Krishnamachari , Srirangam 

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