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ThiruppAvai manuscript Printing Kaimkaryam

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 17:47:29 PDT

Dear BhakthAs: 

AdiyEn is pleased to let you know that the following 
14 BhakthAs are particpating as of now in the important 
project to print the Tamil Manuscript of 500 Pages by U.Ve.
PerukkarNai , "Sri VaishNava Simham " ChakravarthyAchAr
Swamy in the context of the AdippUram celebrations 
this year:

1. Sri R.Kannapiran of Boston
2. Sri LakshminArAyaNan
3. Srimathi Jayanthi Vijaya Raghavan of CA .
4. Sriman & Srimathi N.Krishnamachari of IL.
5. Sri Raja krishnaswamy of MA.
6. Sri M.Kumaran
7. Sri Gopaul Laxmanan of NJ.
8. Sri T.R.Govindarajan of NJ.
9. Sri Chaatari Ramesh of CO.
10. Sri K.Srinivasan of CO.
11. Sri I.V.K.Chary of Kuwait
12. Sri Sampathkumar of Kuwait
13. Sri Sudhakar Rajamannar 
14. Sri MadhavakkaNNan of Singapore

Additional BhakthAs have expressed preliminary
interest in supporting this kaimkaryam.

The individual contributions range from $25 to $568 

We have been fortunate to assemble $ 1824 
from the checks received , pledges made and 
contributions made directly to  Sri PerukkaruNai 
Swamy directly by three bhakthAs already .

We need another $1016 to complete the package 
of funding to raise the $ 2840 ( 1.25 Laks Rupees)
to start the printing on Aug 2 , the sacred Day of
Aadi Pooram , Our ThaayAr's Birthday. AdiyEn is 
standing by to match the funds , while wishing 
to give the opportunity for as many BhakthALs
to join in this kaimkaryam to our ThAyAr.

Aug 2 also happens to be  the day of PathinettAm Perukku . 
On Aug 2 ,the ThEr Uthsavam for Sri ANDAL will take place 
in the first year after the grand SamprOkshaNam of 
Her ThirumALikai . On Aug 29 is the Aindu Garuda Sevai,
when the 108 members of the Goda PriyA Committeee 
will sing GodhA Sthuthi of Swamy Desikan before 
our ThAyAr as She performs mangaLAsAsanam for 
the Five PerumALs assembled in front of Her . 
August 31st is  the date for the famous and tender
Sayana Sevai at SrivilliputthUr . All in all ,
the next ten days are great days of celebration 
of our ThAyAr ,Sri ANDAL.

Let us offer our samarpaNam to bring out the 500 page
scholarly manuscript of ThiruppAvai (GodhOpanishad)
in Tamil by Sri U.Ve.PerukkaruNai Swamy .

Please let me know of your interests in joining 
this important kaimkaryam as soon as possible 
so that we can give the signal for the start of
the printing on the auspicious day of GodhA PirAtti's
avathAram to uplift us with Her message on

Those who are at Chennai or in other parts of India 
are welcome to send in their contributions to Sri PerukkaraNai
Swamy at his Desika Bhavanam address in Mylapore.
Others can send thir support checks to me to
forward it to Swamy .

Subhamasthu ,
Sri ANDAL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , V.SatakOpan 

AdiyEn's address:
Apt 6B-1, Scarborough Manor
Scarborough, NY 10510         


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