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Some Updates on kaimkaryams

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 18:40:11 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

NamO NaarAyaNAya 

AdiyEn would like to update you on the different
ongoing /completed Kaimkaryams :

(1)Two Silver Vattils for the NithyArAdhanam
for Sri ThirunArAyaNan at Melukote Temple:

On July 17 , the two new silver Vattils to 
replace the two Vattils worn out from three
hundred years of service were presented to the Lord .

The day was JyEshtA abhishEkam day at Melukote 
and is recognized as one of the two MahAbishEkam days
at this  temple dear to AchArya RaamAnujA . After 
a traditional (SampradhAyic) abhishEkam  , Thirumanjana 
theertham (Eera Vaadai theeertham ) was distributed by 
the Bhattars to the assembled ghOshti Of BahkthAs
from the new Vattils .

The new vattils had the etchings of Padmam (lotus)
on their outer surfaces flanked by the VishNu 
chinnams of Sankham and Chakram . The temple
authorities instructed us to inscribe the sign of 
the Lotus at the center instead of ThirumaNN perhaps
inview of the reverence for MahA Lakshmi and the name of
the Lord as THIRU NaarAyanan (Sriman NaarAyaNan ). 

These vattils have now become part of the daily 
aarAdhana Paathrams for the Lord , who blessed 
Udayavar many hundred years ago.These two Silver Vattils
have been presented to the Lord in memory of 
my dear parents by adiyEn and my sister, Kaimkarya Sri
Padma VeerarAghavan .

(2) GodhA Sthuthi singing at SriVillipputthUr :

Arrangements have been completed now for the singing
of GodhA Sthuthi before Our ANDAL by 108 Sri VaishNavite 
Ladies from Chennai belonging to the GodhA PriyA 
Society .The day would be July 27 , the fifth day of
the forthcoming AdippUram festival at NaachiyAr
ThirumALIkai .Five different PerumAls would 
assemble before ANDAL on this occasion to
receive ANDAL's managaLAsAsanam . This group of 108 
singers has been trained by Kaimkarya Sri Padma 
VeerarAghavan at Desika Bhavanam , Mylapore as 
the first batch of the group of 1008 ladies to sing
Swami Desikan's moving GodhA Sthuthi in 29 different 
RaagAs before ANDAL . Video tapes of the event will be 
prepared and the event is expected to last 2 hours in all .

(3) The Silver ThridhaNdam for the Mulavar at 
Sri PerumbhUthUr : It is expected to be presented 
in four week's time. The complications in covering 
exactly the knots on the ThridhaNdam with Silver first 
and then having Gold cover is causing some delays. 

(4) AzhwAr /108 dhivya dEsam CD ROM : The scripts and
voice overs as well as the graphics work are making steady
progress . We hope to have the Master copy of this sequel
to the AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM  at the beginning 
of Dhanur Maasam this year at the earliest or by 
Vaikunta EkAdasi day at the latest . Sriman Alwar 
has been very active on this project .

(5) The home pages for Thirupaathi VenkatAchalapathy 
is getting populated with more content and images .
The Web Master of TT DevasthAnam and the Hindu News
Paper are helping us with important materials .This
work is expected to be completed by PurattAsi SravaNam day ,
the Thirunakshthram day of both Lord SrinivAsan
and Swamy Desikan . Sri Haresh Balasubramaniyan
of Singapore is working closely with adiyEn on
this project . Our hope is to get the support of 
TT DevasthAnam to fund the creation of a CD ROM 
containing the tributes of AzhwArs and
AchAryALs for the Lord of Venkatam . 

(6) The home pages for Swamy Desikan will have 
additonal content focusing on His Chillarai 
Rahasyams .Sri Haresh Balasubramnyan of Singapore 
is a fellow particpant in this project .These new
materials will be released on PurattAsi SravaNam day .

(7) The RathnAngi SamarpaNam project for Lord 
DevanAthan dear to Swamy Desikan has commenced 
and the year 2001 should see its completion with 
His anugraham . This RathnAngi SamarpaNam is part
of the two projects that includes the  Mutthnagi
SamarpaNam for the Moolavr that was completed earlier .
The pictures of the mutthangi  presented to the Lord
few weeks back have been sent to Sri Mani VaradarAjan
for inclusion in the picture gallery section of
the special home pages prepared by him for 
the ThiruvahIndrapuram dhivya dEsam . 

Oppiliappan Koil V.SatakOpan

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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