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Periya Thirumozhi- 9.6- vaazhak kaNdOm! Vandhu kaaNmin thoNdeergaaL!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 18:11:13 PDT

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

SarvEshwaran, out of His own free will, and due to His most merciful nature 
and His sowseelya guNA, is here at ThirukkuRunkudi, waiting only to bless 
us. Hence, come one and come all! – Calls ThirumangaiAzhwAr.

1. Emperumaan, who lets Rudran, having worn the string of bones, and the 
skin of tiger, stay and share in His Divine Body, out of His Sowseelya guNA 
(the guNA of mixing with persons of lower stature) resides in this Divya 
Desam of ThirukkuRunkudi, the crane’s little one climbs onto low lying tree 
branch and eats a portion of the fish “veLLiRaa” from its mother’s mouth.

2. The noisy, high raising waves of the ocean come and appear to be touching 
with the droplets of water, on the Divine Body of Emperuman, Pristinely 
Purest PerumAn, who reclines and has His Yoga NithrA, on ThiruvananthAzhwAn, 
residing on this Divya Desam of ThirukkuRunkudi, where the red legged swan 
unites with its mate, on the most fragrant lotus flower in cool beautiful 

3. “vaazhak kaNdOm! Vandhu kaaNmin thoNdeergaaL!”- Oh servants (of Sriman 
Narayanan)! (We have) seen – realized- the way to “live” (live eternally- 
never undergo deaths and births). Come and see! It is this Divya Desam of 
ThirukkuRunkudi, where lady crane bird, with a cunning look (looking for the 
prey), searches for its prey on the banks of the fully-grown fields, for 
sharing the prey (food) with its red-legged weak mate. Here Emperumaan, who 
took Huge Varaaha Roopam, the ruddy lined Lord, who has the large dark cloud 
colored ThirumEni (Divya maNgaLa vigraham), resides permanently, on his own 
free will and desire.

4. Lord Ramapiraan, who made the heads of rAvaNan be thrown away and 
scattered on the ground, and cut His hands and chest, resides in this Divya 
Desam of ThirukkuRunkudi, where flowers spread fragrance everywhere, and 
bees that drink honey hum and night.

5. PerumAn, who drove the chariot in the battle filed so successfully, 
finishing the kings off (who had had strong roaring elephants in their large 
kingdom), resides permanently in this Divya Desam, of ThirukkuRunkudi, where 
the bimbha fruit like red-mouthed parrots, speak sweetly like that of young 
women with collyrium laden eye lids) live in ThirukkuRunkudi.

6. “thee neer vaNNa maamalar koNdu viraiyEndhith/
thoo neer paravith thozhumin; ezhumin thoNdeergaaL!”

Oh servants (of Sriman Narayanan)! The Pure you- take the agni (fire) for 
dhoopam; ner (water) for argyam; the coloured flowers for archana.. etc..( 
fragrant dhravyams like sandal paste); offer “anjali” to PerumAn by 
prostrating Him.. And be saved. This PerumAn has got dark blue ocean like 
ThirumEni (Divine Body). He resides permanently in this Divya Desam of 
ThirukkuRunkudi, where the tall buildings appear to touch the crescent moon 
that loiters in the sky.

7. adiyeergaaL! (Oh dAsa bhUthAs of Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan)! Leave 
your thoughts on those creeper like narrow waisted women, and your suffering 
(due to that) and reach ThirukkuRukudi. Coming to speak of the beauty of 
women folk in this Divya Desam they are like saakshaat Sri Mahalakshmi. The 
tender flower buds in the charming gardens are found in this Divya Desam 
like the white teeth inside the bimbha fruit like mouth.

8. “nam thamargaaL!”- Oh my dear friends! Take the flower garlands, and the 
loose fresh flowers to offer ThirukkuRunkudi Emperumaan with insatiable 
bhakti. Reach there. This is the most beautiful and fertile Divya Desam with 
cool ponds where the “thaaraa” birds are found on its top searching for the 

9. senRu paNimin; yezhumin; thozhumin; thoNdeergaaL!”-  Oh Bhagawathas, who 
have the “ruchi” (taste) for performing eternal kaimkaryam! Reach 
ThirukkkuRunkudi, and pay your obeisance to Emperumaan here; prostrate at 
His Feet; get saved. You can get rid of all your accumulated sins and 
subsequent sufferings of yours due to those “paapams”. Bees hum day and 
night and fresh flowers spread fragrance all over at this Divya Desam.

10. This ten is on Emeprumaan who resides permanenetly at ThirukkuRunkudi 
Divya Desam; who had bent the bow to destroy the lankA; who had broken the 
tusk of strong, angry elephant (during Krishnavatar). It is sung by the poet 
Kaliyan, who is capable of composing in accordance with saashtras (meters 
and grammar). Those who recite this faultless, nicely worded ten with great 
meanings, will have no sins stay with them at all.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam
Narayana Narayana
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