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Re: Books on the gItA.

From: Chandrasekaran Venkatraman (
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 13:27:50 PDT

Dear Sri Narasimhman,
   Thanks for the information about the book on Gita. I will
try to acquire it. I also thank the other members who have
all responded to my query.


--- In, Narasimhan Krishnamachari 
<champakam@y...> wrote:
> In response to a query by SrI Chandrasekaran Venkataraman, I have 
> the following three-part gItA vyAkhyAnam in tamizh, and it is
> relatively easy to understand for someone like me who does not know
> anything.  Originally SrI Krshna Kalale (a member of this list) gave
> the books to me and a few others when he was in Chicago some ten 
> back, and I do not remember where he got them from. The title of the
> book is "SrImad bhagavad gItA - gItA sAram", and the author is
> tirukkaLLam SrI nRsimha rAghavAcArya svAmi.  He was the AsthAna 
> of SrI ahobila maTham.  
> I hope this helps.
> -dasan 
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