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Books on the gItA.

From: Narasimhan Krishnamachari (
Date: Thu Jul 20 2000 - 05:27:30 PDT

In response to a query by SrI Chandrasekaran Venkataraman, I have used
the following three-part gItA vyAkhyAnam in tamizh, and it is
relatively easy to understand for someone like me who does not know
anything.  Originally SrI Krshna Kalale (a member of this list) gave
the books to me and a few others when he was in Chicago some ten years
back, and I do not remember where he got them from. The title of the
book is "SrImad bhagavad gItA - gItA sAram", and the author is
tirukkaLLam SrI nRsimha rAghavAcArya svAmi.  He was the AsthAna vidvAn
of SrI ahobila maTham.  

I hope this helps.


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