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HH Shri Tridandi China Jeeyar Swamiji's visit to Bay area

From: Murali Krishna Kalvapudi (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 08:46:13 PDT

His Holiness Shri Shri Shri Tridandi Sriman Narayana Ramanuja China 
Jeeyar Swamiji's Trip to Bay Area from July 3rd to July 9th, 2000.

Jai Srimannarayana!!

Sri Bhagavathotthamas!

His Holiness Shri China Jeeyar Swamiji has graced us by visiting the 
Bay area from July 3rd to July 9th. It was a rare event to California 
which had to wait for four years as the Swamiji's visit to this place 
last time was happened in 1996. Shri Swamiji is greatly followed and 
widely respected Pithadhipathi in Andhra Pradesh having His Ashram in 
Sitanagaram (near Vijayawada on the banks of river Krishna). He has 
established Veda Pathasalas at Sitanagaram and Jaggayyapet and
Ashram in Nadigaddapalem in Gutur District. Eversince renunciating  
this materialistic world at a very young age, Shri Swamiji has 
mastered the whole of Dravida and Sanskrit Vedams, Shri Ramanuja 
Darshanam, Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam, attained Bhagavat Sakshatkaram, 
Ashtakshari Manthra Siddhi and is a pioneer in preserving Vedas and 
vedic tradition. We all believe that Shri Swamiji is the
of  Bhagavat Ramanuja performing Saddharma Prathishtapanam in this 
world which is being swept away by the western influences leaving our 
traditional vedic dharma. Leading a true Saintly life Shri Swamiji 
endeavours to spread Shri Bhagavad Ramanuja Sampradayam throughout
world. Shri Swamiji also provides spiritual leadership to 'VIKASA 
TARANGINI' an organization which provides guidance to the present day 
youth. More information about Shri Swamiji and His activites can be 
obtained at Shri Swamiji's website at

Although it is impossible to summarize Shri Swamiji's pravachana
and the Divya Anubhavam we had during His visit, I venture out to 
write a few words for the benefit of the members. Please count all 
mistakes on me and correct me.

Shri Swamiji has been touring USA since the last week of May this
at the request of His desciples. He has graced several places like 
Washington DC, Detroit, Florida etc.
After finishing His visit at Los Angeles and Bakersfield in Southern 
California Shri Swamiji came to Fremont and blessed Shriman Vishnu 
Vardhan Reddy ( religious committee member in Livermore temple) by 
staying at his residence for 7 days.
Hundreds of devotees and desciples thronged his house throughout the 
period of 7 days to have Shri Swamiji's Darshan, blessings and listen 
to valuable pravachanams by Swamiji.

Every day morning there was Tirtha Goshti at 8.30 AM with Divya 
Prabandha Parayanam and Sevakalam. Shri Swamiji gave Perumal Tirtham 
to everyone filled with His love and Kataksham. It is a divine 
experince to receive Tirtham and it is true that whoever wishes 
something while taking the Tirtham, that wish fructifies without
There are innumerable incidents sanctifying this belief.

On 4th July evening, Shri Swamiji has blessed us with His Divya 
Pravachanam on Smt Bhagavadgita. More than 700 devotees have 
attentively listened. Shri Swamiji has lucidly explained the
meanings of the Gita and emphasized that it is time to practice what 
is told in there. In a lighter vein He was mentioning that several 
devotees are becoming merely `Sravana Bhaktas' meaning who
just listen 
and forget whatever is told at the next moment. He has explained why 
the first chapter in Gita `Arjuna Vishada Yogam'  is a Yogam.
How can 
 Vishadam  be a Yogam! Elaborating on that He says only when
heart and mind gets softened, good thoughts and preachings can get 
into the mind deeply, like a seed sown in land which is wet, fertile 
and tilled properly.

On 5th July evening, Shri Swamiji has explained the need for 
selfishness in today's society, at the Stanford University. About
intellectuals have benefited from Shri Swamji's divine discourse
thoughts. Swamiji has discussed the meaning of selfishness and its 
difference with possessiveness.  Shri Swamiji told that every animal 
has a characteristic feature of its own like a cow, a horse etc.
uniquely identifies them. Similarly human beings have two 
characteristic features of the power of realization and
to the realization. A young boy identifies his body and immediate 
surroundings as his self and will be happy if he gets a new dress, a 
new toy to play with etc. When he grows up his self includes his 
family. He strives hard to get all good things in the world for his 
family. When he takes up a position at work his self includes his 
organization, colleagues and subordinates. When he further grows and 
takes up a public role like a minister/politician, his self would 
include the whole country/society. Thus we can see that a
self/selfishness radius is kept on increasing with his role and age
the society. The more it expands, number of persons who are benefited 
by the selfishness kept on increasing. So Swamiji advocates that this 
type of selfishness radius should keep on increasing and ultimately 
should include the whole universe, which will bring all good things
the humanity at large. When this includes even God then such person 
becomes a divine Yogi and Sage he says.

On 6th July evening Shri Swamiji has explained the greatness of
language, culture and tradition when compared to other languages. He 
said that Telugu is the language which is very close to Sanskrit and 
has retained several sounds/syllables which are not present in many 
descendent languages. A large number of Telugu speaking people from 
Andhra Pradesh got inspired by Shri Swamiji's speech and felt
proud of 
being Telugu origin reinventing the greatness of their tradition.

On 7th July evening Shri Swamiji  made the Lord Sri Lakshmi Narayana 
appear before everyone of the more than 500 devotees participating in 
the Lakshmi pooja. He has unveiled the kalyana gunas of Sriman 
Narayana with numerous examples and also how Lakshmi Devi the divine 
mother helps the bhaktas in getting upto Him. He has explained every 
act of the Pooja the whys and hows of each and every kaimkaryam in
pooja. It is an enlivening experince for which I have no words to 

On 8th July Shri Swamiji has graced us with commentary on Sahasra 
Kalasa Abhishekam in Livermore Temple and also in the evening treated 
us to the Vaibhavam of Lord Sriman Narayana. Througout all these 
discourses and His visits to the houses of more than 30 devotees 
during the period He stayed in the bay area, Shri Swamiji has
hundreds of questions and cleared the doubts of many bhaktas who are 
in two minds and dilemas. Shri Swamiji's visit has undoubtedly
all of us a path to the Supreme Lord before us cleared of all the 
obstacles. I am sure many of the attendants and participants are 
already experiencing His divine grace and Kataksham through His 

On 9th July several Bhagavathotthamas in the Bay area have arrived
the Tirtha Goshti. That day being Thiru Nakshatram of  Periyalwar, 
Shri  Swamiji has explained the significance of the day,
anubhavam and his greatness, why Vishnuchittar is called Periyalwar, 
the meaning of Pallandu etc. After that Thiruvai Mozhi, and several 
pasurams of Periyalwar Thirmozhi were recited by the
Shri Swmiji has concluded the Sevakalam with Tirtha Viniyogam amidst 
recital of Hayagriva Sthotram blessing all of us for a good education 
in our lives. Shri Swamiji has also graced few of the bhaktas with 
Pancha Samskarams (Samasrayanam) on that day and concluded his visit 
in a grand way.

I fondly wish that Shri Swamiji visits us again and again every year 
and showers his benevolence on all of us so that we all can progress 
in attaining the ultimate goal of Moksham in our lives.

We all needs such divine Acharyas and let us join together in singing 
`Pallandu Pallandu' to Shri Swamji and all of our Acharyas.

Ramanuja Dasa
Murali Krishna Kalvapudi.

Jai Srimannarayana!

Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations. 
Remember the good 'ol days

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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