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Re: Proceedings of the 9th Bay Area NAMA Sri Vaishnava Satsangham

From: Gunaseelan Venkatachary (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 15:01:13 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
I would like to add few more points which I learnt from Swami's discourse on
Periazhwar Viabhavam. The way he illustrated the meaning of "Pallandu
Pallandu" was so great that we have even seen Periazhwar and Sriman
Narayanan in Him and through His lectures. The way in which he describes
point that Azwar has lost his mathematical count while going astray from
Pallandu - Few years
PallAyerathandu - Few Thousand years
PalaKodi - Few billion years
Nooru Ayeram - Hundred, thousand years

Yes we realized that Azhwar has strated increasing the years and then went
down and its mainly due to his internal pressure of how to bless God for how
many years? Swami explained in classic an simple terms that even adiyen can
understand that!

Also Swami started explaining the reflexes of Prumal on Azhwars apprehension
(that evil eyes should not fall on Him) by showing His Valours (Thinthol)
which in turn started worrying Azhwar more; Then Perumal strated showing His
Lakshmi at His heart and try to console Azhwar that since Lakshmi resides in
His Heart no one can do anything to Him. On Seeing this Azhwar's situation
got more aggravated and started worrying about Lakshmi also "VadivAi nin
vala Marbinil Vazhginra Mangaiyum Pallandu";Then Perumal started showing His
Chakra and pAnchasanyam that with these He can kill the evil forces, at this
moment Azwhar himself stop seeing Him and say "ApPanchasanyamum Pallandu".

Adiyen have just try to list how  Swami narrated Periazhwar's vaibhavam ,
Surely we went into
tears on Swamis discourse . This nice moments adiyen wish to share with all.

Also on Swami explained in detail how Kodha has acquainted with
Vadapathrasayee and got the name Andaal (feminine of Andavan who came down
to earth to take care of Periazhwar and us- This is the first time adiyen
has learnt about such a explanation) .

Adiyen's and the SriVaishnava Ghosti's pranamams to Swami for blessing us
all for being part of that morning session .

It was such a wonderful and blissful day that I could not forget for ever-
Sevakalam Anubhavam with Swami is the everlasting one as Sri Mani detailed.

Let me pray that we have such divine experience quite often!!!

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan


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