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Re: Divyadesha Kainkaryam Srivaishnavadharshanam

From: Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Jul 18 2000 - 05:39:34 PDT

Dear Bhakti Group Members:

I was delighted to read Shri Sampathkumar's (Shri Mudliandan Sampath)article 
on Divyadesha Kaimkaryam.  He wrote:

"We are told all the renovation costing several crores  have been  spent by 
Sriman Venu Srinivasan of T,V.S. group.Eventhough I would not like to equate 
  him with the God , definetly the great Aalwars and Acharyas along with 
Lord Sriman Narayana have blessed Venu Srinivasan Swami to do this 

"The biggest and brightess stone of his Kreetam  is  his  philosophy  of 
continuing with  the  Sampradayam  of the  temples   and when he can spend 
crores and crores of rupees a spark can appear in his mind regarding the 
sampradayams.Such a great person he is , he ensured  even a small  pillar  
retained the original  markings of the sampradaya.Today I could see people 
like Sriman Venu  have cast a solid  foundation  and  a strong bridge  for  
connecting the Sampradayas  respecting each others  Values.Let this clan 
increase manifold."

Adiyen's comment:

Venu Swami's magnanimity is truly admirable.  It should be noted that both 
sampradayams belong to the Shri Ramanuja Darshanam.  Is it not time to 
reciprocate Venu Swamin's magnanimity by accommodating both Sri  Vaishnava 
Sampradayams in our divya-deshams.  Should we not work towards that goal.

Ramanujar, Desikar, Jeeyar ThiruvadigalE Sharanam

Buffalo, NY

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