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Proceedings of the 9th Bay Area NAMA Sri Vaishnava Satsangham
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 11:02:29 PDT

Sri Raamajayam

Dear Bhagavathas,
                AdiyEn have great pleasure in sharing the joy of celebrating our recent 9th Sri Vaishnava
Satsangham in the Bay Area on 9th July 2000.   The Satsangham this month was planned to celebrate the TN of Swamy Periazhvaar(10th) and
Swamy Nathamunigal(12th) and since we had HH Tridandhi Jeer(Swami.Chinna Narayana Jeer) visiting the Bay Area, we decided on the date 
as late as last Friday(7th July 2000).  Please pardon AdiyEn for the inconvenience caused.

The Jeer's visit here, was met with great enthusiasm here, since the whole week was packed with programmes graced and being led by the Jeer(Wednesday-Gita Bhashya Upanyaasam at Sunnyvale Temple, Thursday- Lecture on Selfishness at Stanford, Friday - Lakshmi Pooja & discourse on Thayaar, Saturday - Sahasra Kalasaabhishekam, Kalyaana Utsavam, Discourse at Livermore Temple, Sunday - Samasrayanam for aspiring Sri Vaishnavites, 
Satsangham/Ghosti lead by HH).  

I am sure many would have enjoyed the whole of last week, and would have established/replenished their faith in Sriman Narayana, as HH lectures explained concepts like where we are, the nature of the Divya Dhampathis, eliminating Selfishness and undertaking Satvika Tyaagam. Towards a
great starting point in many a Bhagavathaas Spiritual life, was the Samasrayanam conducted by HH.

On 9th July(our 9th Sri Vaishnava Satsangham) Bhagavathaas assembled in 100s at the home of a disciple of the Jeer, Sri.Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, very early in the morning.  The Seva Kaalam was conducted with great vigour and the echoing of Thaniyangal, Thiruppalliezhuchi, Thiruppaavai echoed from the start.   After Thiruppaavai Satthumurai, the Jeer offered us Theertham, amidst recital of Swamy Desikan's Hayagriva Sthothram, started by his HH.

Then HH offered Anugraha Bhaashanam, and spoke about the greatness of Periazhvaar and his service to our Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam, AdiyEn could not control my emotions, when Swami mentioned about Kothai, being called "Andaal" when our Sri.Vishnu Chittar came to realize that his adopted daughter was no ordinary girl, and she is "Paathram"(target or vessel) to the Supreme's love and affection.  HH simple words yet deep in Sampradaya meaning, witty yet pleasant words is truly a great experience for all aspiring Sri Vaishnavites.   

After this event, HH lead us in reciting Periazhvaar Pasuram(Neeratam, Poochootal, Kaapidal, Senniyongu, Maanikkam Katti) with instructions for us to follow suit later on with Kanninun Siruthaampu and
Kovil Thiruvaimozhi(tribute to Sri.Naathamunigal).  In parallel, Swamy performed Samasrayanam to aspiring devotees.

Just when we were about to start "Muniyae Naan Muganae Mukkannappa", HH took lead of us again, and we had a reverberating Ghosti completing Thiruvaimozhi, followed by Thaligai Samarpanam and Saatumurai(both Sampradayams as wished by the Jeer).  

HH continued to give us Sandalwood paste, blessings with Akshathai and warmly enquired about our Satsangham.  Sri Vishnu Vardhan, presented the Ghosti with Sambavanai, and Swami expressed his great happiness with the host and the Ghosti of the Bay Area offering his Divya Mangalaasasanam to us, 'The Land & its People'.

At this juncture Sri.Parthasarathy, presented HH with an Acharya Ramanuja CD(Created by Sanskrit Research Center, Melkote by our own Swamy Azhvaar
and Swamy V.Sadagopan), and we mentioned that we were collecting funds for Kaimkaryam with the proceeds.

To our surprise one of HH disciples promptly gave AdiyEn cash of $25 towards the CD, which we gave back to Swami with a remark "we do not collect Kaimkaryam funds from Yathivaraas". Swami laughed(it is a part of our Sri Vaishnava policy to put on a smile internal and external, and AdiyEn could not resist Swami being spared), and continued to bless us.  
Swami also mentioned, the same day last year(Periazhvaar TN), a miracle happened in Hyderabad, that incessant rain gave way only at the
Parade grounds during the Lakshmi Narasimha Pooja in prayers for Global peace & Kargil, and such a lovely day was our Satsangham celebrating Swamy Periazhvaar's TN. 

Soon we were treated to some delightful Bhagavad Praasadham, cooked by the accompanying Sishyaas of HH, and left home in delight of 'A DAY WELL SPENT'.  

AdiyEn Sri Raamanuja Daasan,

Sudarsana Dasosmi
Thanks to Sri.Vamsi Mudumbi and other disciples of HH, for giving us an opportunity to reminisce India.

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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