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Re: a doubt

From: bindinganavale suresh (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 06:28:18 PDT

Dear Bhagavatha,
                you wrote :-
Dear SriVaishnavas,

It is said that Eshwara Tatvam is Nirvikara
tatvam.When clay(Upadhana KAranam) changes to pot it
changes in its Swaroopam as well as appearence
similarly while srishti  Emberuman himself changes as
all the chit and Achit.If so doesn't his Thirumeni
have Vikaram when he changes from one form to another,
as the above said KAranam(Clay)does. Could anyone
please help me out in clearing this doubt.

Reply to above query according to Ramanuja's school of
thought :-

The example, such as clay and its effects,such as pot
is given to show the continuity and oneness of
substance both in the state of cause(clay) and
Now,in the case of Brahman or eshwara tatva, chit and
achit,all the three are dravya or substances in
themselves.But,when viewed together or in
latter two i.e the chit and achit have an adjectival
status as a mode,attribute or body with respect to
Brahman as he ensoules them eternally sustaining them
in their true nature.So,Brahman as reality of all
realities is also Substance of all substances,hence
the  latter substances are called attributes.
Now, Brahman is said to be in the state of cause and
state of effect only with respect to his attributes
jiva and prakriti,which are substances in themselves
and undergo modifications(Jiva at its attribute,Dharma
Bhuta gnana level and prakriti at its very substance
or swaroopa level).In both these states,
the ultimate substance,which is the swaroopa of
himself does not undergo any change and abides in its
true nature.
Therefore from the above discussion,Just as clay
continues to be clay in the state of cause and
effect,Brahman continues to be the same unalloyed
substance in the state of cause and effect.Clay is
modified in such a way that it gets a shape and a name
as a pot.But,Brahman is not directly modified to get a

form and name,but its attribute prakriti and jiva are
modified in such a way that their are infinite names
and form.Since Jiva and prakriti are one with Brahman
as its attribute,changes to the former are wrongly
attributed to Brahman(Just like changes of Body are
wrongly attributed to the soul).But,in reality,Brahman
never undergoes any modification at its swaroopa or
its own substance level.  

Hope,the above clarifies your doubt.
Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu

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