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Periya Thirumozhi 9.5- Save me by taking me to ThirukkuRunkudi..

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 05:19:14 PDT

Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Namah:
Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
Last ten on Periya Thirumozhi (9.4), Alwar (ParakalanAyaki) had sent the 
messengers to the Lord..  Even before their coming, she feels exhausted, 
longing for the Lord; and she is not able to listen to the words of her 
mother and friends. He has not come. Hence, she pleads them for taking her 
to ThirukkuRunkudi.

1. The cool bright, blemishless crescent moon; the ocean with its hopping 
waves; the cool gentle breeze that caresses the flowers; the bird (its 
musical tone)- are all troubling my mind jointly. Everywhere the thick fog 
has engulfed; I am not able to sleep. My Swami has not bestowed His grace on 
me saying, “This poor creeper like girl needs my grace.” (“ivaLum Or peNkodi 
enRu irangaar”- kodi- creeper implying it needs the support- Emperumaan..) He 
had already stolen my five jnAnEndhriyAs – Pleasre take me to 
ThirukkuRunkudi, where the The Lord- whose Divine lustrous body is like the 
“kuvaLai” flower, is residing on His own free will.

2. The youthful, chill cold breeze that touches the flower of jasmine and 
then along with the bright cold moon rays, liters here and there and 
tortures me to finish me off completely. Even for one night, I am not able 
to sleep. These girls, whose bangles never fall off, are talking all sorts 
of allegations against me, without any sense or knowledge. (“pEthaiyar 
pEthaimaiyaalirundhu pEsilum pEsuga peyvaLaiyaar..”)  Please save me by 
taking me to ThirukkuRunkudi, where Emperumaan (who has the fragrant flower 
bedecked Periya PiraaTTi in His Chest always) resides.

3. Even the dawn and the dusk torture me; at night, every fraction of a 
second elongates and appears as if it is longer than the praLaya kaalam ( 
“oozhi” ). The cool breeze also appears like the scorching fiery air; That 
Lord grew so huge and stands; shining like the blue gem stone; - so 
beautiful and gorgeous; (to add further to my suffering). There are may 
things to torment me on this earth (created by Him); Before they torment me 
any further, please save me by taking me to ThirukkuRunkudi, which is 
surrounded by dense gardens where beautiful peacocks live in.

4. The twangs of the bell tied around the neck of black bull, (having mated 
with the white youthful cows)- also disturb my mind. I am not able to sleep 
even for a night, suffering from the pangs of separation, talking about the 
greatness and kalyANa guNAs of PeraruLALan (the most merciful Emperumaan), 
who is considered like the huge precious stone and is placed on the heads of 
Nithyasooris, with great enjoyment and reverence (perumaNi vaanavar ucchi 
vaittha pEraruLALan perumai pEsi). Please save me by taking me to 
ThirukkuRunkudi, which is surrounded by water canals where the most valuable 
stones are swept aside to its shores.

5. The bull’s neck bell, the music that comes out of Cowherd Boy KaNNan’s 
flute, the gentle evening along with the breeze, the bright crescent moon 
that appears at the twilight, - all these combinedly make this sinner’s 
heart suffer. These do not act as they did before (they were friendly before 
as they made me happy when He was with me; now they torture me and aggravate 
my suffering, when He is away). Please save me by taking me to 
ThirukkuRunkudi, where that cloud like, Blue hued colored Emperumaan 

6.These young girls talk all things against me, at all times (day and 
night); Let them talk and scold me anything. Let them be knowledgeable and 
be good people. I don’t know about them and their caliber. Only if they know 
about me, then only we can learn about them. (They don’t know us and our 
longing and languishing for Him) We don’t have feminine qualities (accham, 
naaNam, madam, etc.)here. We are not ashamed of longing for Him. Even if 
they laugh and feel rejoiced at it, we would never forget the greatest, most 
merciful, blue gemstone like, Emperumaan. Please save me by taking me to 
ThirukkuRunkudi, where the fresh flowers bloom and have grown dense.

7. Long, ruddy lined, large well spread eyed, dark hued colored Swami- Chief 
Emperumaan- came close to me and said, “What is your worry? I will not leave 
you” and now has made my body go thinner; bangles fall off. I am not able to 
comprehend the strength of the five arrowed manmathan (Cupid) striking me.. 
Please save me taking me to ThirukkuRunkudi Divya Desam, densely filled with 
honey dripping, cool branches of trees.

8. This ocean’s noise is not just ordinary (that also disturbs me). Listen 
to me. KaNNapiraan’s flute music comes to me and finished me off entirely. 
Also before that Manmathan sends his arrows so strong on me for my final 
end, please save me by taking me to ThirukkyuRunkudi, realizing the merciful 
heart of that Cowherd Boy who stole the hearts of the Cowherd folks with His 
most charming, wonderful deeds. (Due to His merciful nature, he won’t let me 
perish.) (kOvalar kootthan kuRippu aRindhu kuRunkudikkE ennai uytthidumin)

9. Even when I perform anjali (obeisance) with folded hands, He does not 
have any mercy on me. Since my birth, He has been only snatching away my 
feminity and has given me only this “pasalai” disease (the body gets pale 
and thin, suffering from the pangs of separation). I do not know where He 
has gone. Also my tender breasts are getting old and wasted without hugging 
His large Divine Strong Chest. Please save me by taking me to 
ThirukkuRunkUdi, where Emperumaan- the Chief of Nithyasooris, - the One who 
performs most wonderful deeds, stealing the hearts- resides eternally.

10. Please save me by taking me to ThiruukuRunkudi Emperumaan- the Swami of 
all worlds; the Deva Piraan who destroyed lankA; who has Periya PiraaTTi in 
his divine Chest always; who has my heart also as His residence always as 
PeraruLALan; The King, who never leaves the eyes and heart of Sri VaishNava 
srI- Kaliyan-having learn to compose the kalyANa guNAs of Emperumaan.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana
adiyEn Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan
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